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By Kiriakos Triantafyllou  Greece  2007- 2011

This page is the presentation of steps, that I followed in order to rebuild my motorcycle.

I did all the main work alone , its was a very hard task , lots of work – lots of money -  patience - lots phone calls - lots of waiting for parts – lots cry and suffering .

The AX-1 is one small motorcycle that gained my love years ago , no I am not talking for blind passion , the AX-1 gained my admiration and appreciation, because is one high quality motorcycle,    with nice design , strong engine and easy to use .

We are together since 20/9/1993 . 

At 2005 my AX-1 engine was murdered by a good for nothing mechanic, and stayed out of use, for almost two years ( poor flow of cash) ,  at May of 2007 , I took the decision to rebuild it my self .

I am 38 years old , professional electrician  with a lot experience , my dad was also freelancer cars electrician , and he trained me well .

He does not live any more , to see and feel pride for his son , and my work , but its OK .

The AX-1 striped completely , become nuts & bolts ,and 27 small carton boxes needed at this step , one small workshop that I own , become the base for this task , loaded will all types of tools , and with the Honda service manual in my hands  ( NX 250 ) , I started my personal fight.


I did win after all , few thinks left to do, in order to finish , and now I am thinking over and over, all the  problems that I faced  and solved ,and I am saying to my self , that I must be crazy to some point .

The truth is one my friends , I gave my word to the AX-1 that I will bring it back to life , and I just did , what I promised .

For twelve years this motorcycle served me well , plus not a day to the hospital , two times got stolen and found by me ,  I would never let this  honest motorcycle to become scrap metal , it become after all, part of my life .

Now this motorcycle is bright new again , all the new parts are genuine Honda , and now I proudly say that I own the most   Fresh and shiny AX-1 worldwide . 

Explore my pages , and enjoy the travel ,  and forgive my poor English .

As introduction for you, I have two images , “the Before” & “ the After “ ( 2007) ,  I have also load all the  material that I own , about 270 images of the step by step, work .

I started keep a log , since the time that the AX-1 got totally striped and after , this log originally posted to a Greek forum , but now  its converted in English , and available to you.

Best regards !!

Kiriakos Triantafyllou  Greece .   


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Page started 21/10/2007

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Before (2005)

After ;-)  (2007)