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F3Site 2011 with modern skin released!

New version of our content management system F3Site 2011 has been released! What's new since 2010?

1. Modern skin designed by Kamil881
2. Graphical content editor TinyMCE (must enable)
3. Login form in right-top corner
4. New BBCode tags - [img] and [video]
5. Redirection to previous site after login
6. Removed deprecated options
7. Passwords may contain ANY letter since now
8. Improved user list, sorting by level
9. Automatic redirection to Add New Item page
10. Fixed categories and menu links removal
11. Validating REFERER while logging in
12. New article editing interface
13. Improved tags (keywords) management
14. Bug fixes, improved interface, better security
15. Function event() and new constants: IS_EDITOR...

Are you developing skins for F3Site 2011? Important news! You needn't include all .html templates in your skin. Include only modified files except CSS stylesheets and icons (they must exist). F3Site 2011 loads .html templates from default system skin if it doesn't find them in current skin.

Download F3Site 2011 absolutely for FREE

Want to share suggestions? Have issues? Found errors? Write a comment! You may also post comments as a guest :)

Download F3Site 2011 with new skin!

First alpha version of F3Site 2011 has been published. The main change is a new skin created by Kamil881, visible at this website. The old style is available too. What is new?

1. New default skin
2. WYSIWYG editor: TinyMCE (extension)
3. User links and login form in header
4. Removed obsolete options from settings
5. Loading missing templates from the default skin
6. Fixed deleting categories and menu links
7. Function event() and constants: IS_OWNER, IS_EDITOR, IS_ADMIN
8. Improved interface. Max skin width: 1366px

Download F3Site 2011 alfa 1 for free

This version is still in development stage and may contain bugs. A lot of things will be changed. You can help to make F3Site better! Download now and test the product. Share your impressions and insights at forum or post a comment. If you find a bug, inform us immediately (post a comment, visit forum or mail us)! :P

F3Site 2010 released!


F3Site 2010, the next version of a lightweight CMS, has been released. Aside from bug fixes and interface improvements, it introduces a bunch of new features:

Fancy URL addresses

The long awaited feature - short URL - is now a fact. Both mod_rewrite and PATH_INFO are supported. If your server does not support link rewriting, you may still use legacy addresses: ?go=page/parameter

Syntax highlighting

Source code inside <pre>, <code> and [code] is colored by Google Code Prettify in Internet browser. This script needn't specifying language name!


Organize articles, files, images, multimedia, links, news and free pages with tags. Assign them some keywords. Tag cloud is located at: tags

Easy menu editing

Now it's easier to manage links in navigation menu. Set address type and select category or free page from a list.

Advanced anti-spam techniques

F3Site 2010 supports 2 advanced CAPTCHA systems, that protect websites against automated SPAM bots: reCAPTCHA™ i Microsoft Asirra

Hiding user's e-mail or profile

In order to protect personal data against advertisements and SPAM, you may hide e-mail addresses or the whole user profiles against guests.

Easy installer

The installer's interface is easier than ever. If only one database type is available on server, F3Site 2010 will select it automatically. You may show hidden fields and options by clicking “Advanced” button.

Better search-engine optimization

Modules and extensions may set their own <meta> description. If maintenance mode is enabled, the CMS sends 503 Service Unavailable. If you delete an object, it sends 410 Gone, what causes the deleted page should be removed from search results.

Minor changes, but important

The most important minor features and improvements:
  • lots of bug fixes, improved interface and skin system
  • fixed language loading when register_globals is active
  • renovated user groups module - joining with AJAX
  • automatic RSS icon next to Address field
  • commenting and rating links
  • nice feature: “save as new”
  • improved HTML and BBCode editor - now it loads faster
  • creating new user accounts in admin panel
  • new user list with gender icons
  • warning if category is not selected or changes are unsaved
  • grouping private messages
  • menu blocks for administrators
  • lightbox script: Slimbox 2
  • better stability and security

Download F3Site 2010 now

Post your impressions and insights as a comment. If you find a bug, post it too! Currently there is no updater from version 2009. Skins, extensions, manual and other add-ons are coming soon... :)


F3Site 2010 Release Candidate 1

Release Candidate of F3Site 2010 has been published! What's new?
  • Maintenance mode - turns the website off
  • Menu blocks for administrators
  • Improved default skin
  • Bug fixes and interface improvements
  • Replaced no avatar icon
  • Experimental 3.css stylesheet with CSS 3 gradients
  • Start of switch to HTML 5
Help us develop F3Site. Post bugs and feedback as comments here or issues at Google Code. Get involved and start testing the script. :)
Download F3Site 2010 RC 1 now
To discuss about F3Site and other projects, join #compmaster at The chatroom is available from a webchat gate or any IRC client - Opera, ChatZillia...

F3Site 2010 beta 3 with bug fixes

F3Site 2010 beta 3 is available! What's new?

1. RSS icon is shown in URL field
2. User list contains gender icons
3. Headers are now <h1>
4. CTRL+ENTER inserts <br> in editor
5. You may add new users in Admin Panel
6. Editing links of menu blocks is now more convenient
7. Avatars may be resized automatically
8. You may upload file(s) with File Manager
9. Editor's panel has clearer interface
10. BUG FIX: language detection (register_globals)
10: BUG FIX: loading user privileges
11: BUG FIX: password changing
12: BUG FIX: private messages

Download F3Site 3.1 beta 3 in download center of COMPMaster website or from the official project area. It is still beta version and may be buggy.

Did you found a bug? Do you have some suggestions? Post a comment or start a new issue on Google Code project's hosting.

F3Site 3.1 alpha 2 came to light!

Next alpha version of F3Site 3.1 has been released. What's new?
  • New feature: syntax highlighting
  • New feature: tags
  • Unpublished items are available for editors
  • Experimental changes in private messages
  • New blocks: category and free page list
  • Removed <?= ?> short tags
  • Bug fixes and code improvements
Chcesz pomóc w testach? Download F3Site 3.1 alpha 2. Post all bugs and ideas in the Google Code Issue System or write a comment. :)

F3Site 3.1 alpha 1 released

An alpha version of F3Site 3.1 has been released. The most important news:

• fancy URLs feature - requires mod_rewrite or PATH_INFO
• support of reCAPTCHA™ and Microsoft Asirra systems
• link commenting and rating
• feature “save as new” in content edit
• improved user groups - joining, commenting, etc.
• hiding e-mail addresses or user profiles from guests
• improved HTML and BBCode editor
• new installer - installation is now more convenient
• deleted “Powered by” footer permanently
• notepad in Admin Panel
• bug fixes, improved interface, reorganized code

« Download F3Site 3.1 alpha 1 »

It's only alpha version, so it may be unstable! You can help to develop this project. Become a beta tester, create add-ons, post your ideas. Report all bugs and concepts as a comment or on the issue tracker. :)

F3Site 2009 released!

F3Site 2009 has been released. The new version 3.0 has been optimized and rewritten to gain higher performance and security. :)

The new skin system lets you modify most of elements on your website without PHP knowledge. The template syntax is based on HTML comments and insertions: {variable}, {array.variable}...

Content management center has been separated from admin panel. Now you can specify, which categories your editors have privileges to.

What's more in F3Site 3.0? Main changes:
  • SQLite database support
  • Switch from ISO-8859-2 to UTF-8
  • Panels: latest items, list of online users
  • Options of user accounts and avatars
  • New content editor written in JavaScript and dynamic preview :)
  • RSS channels generator
  • Comments moderation panel
  • New extensions system
  • OGG movies support in gallery (HTML 5)
  • Default skin based on One True Layout (without tables)
  • English, Polish and German languages
  • Switch to GPL 3 license
System requirements
  • PHP 5.2 or newer with PDO extension
  • Database MySQL 5+ or SQLite 3+

Download F3Site 2009 or Learn about F3Site 2009 or Online Demo

Extensions and skins to version 3.0 are coming soon... Suggestions and bugs you can post at our FORUM. If you want to create an extension or skin to F3Site, go to help and instructions. :D
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