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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Hello out there,

at the moment Deluxe Host is under a DDoS attack so expect some downtimes. I have no idea why somebody attacks us as Deluxe Host offer free webspace and I think we are not doing anything bad. So please be patient if you encounter loading problems or temporary capactity problems....


Search 2008-07-02 19:19:31

123 2008-07-02 19:42:34

O grief...
darkspin 2008-08-10 10:01:38

I have never understood why someone would want to harm a network system....
yet allow one like this... could it be unintentional? could they be going for
someone else but by accident drastically effecting Deluxe Host?
CTS_AE 2008-11-20 06:23:33

Could have been an attack because someone is jelous of you?
Maybe you are
competition, maybe that is why?

one thing to say, I think a security system
like yours would be easier then even text recognition to get arround, but I like
it ;)
The reason being is that is it in a block format, but I'm sure that
since it is "different", the average buit bot wouldn't be able to get
arround it :p
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