Dungeon Craft was created by Richard Turner and attempts (succesfully as far as I can tell) to mimic SSI's Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures (FRUA). This means in detail: Pseudo 3D view, 2D overland maps and isometric view battles. In direct comparison, it beats the original in aspects as colour, resolution and freedom of editing. Furthermore, by adding the game executable into a design's folder, it is playable without the editor! DC is an Open Source project released under the Gnu Public License. Links to the latest release of source and executables are available on the Dungeon Craft Homepage.

DC is not completely finished, which is certainly a drawback. Especially, the typical FRUA combats are not perfectly working due to lacks in monster intelligence and the unfinished magic spell system. However, it is already possible to create playable adventures.

On the other hand, the designing possibilities in DC are magnificent. Races, classes and skills can easily be edited, new spells can be created as well as items. The level editor is easy to handle, and if you are ready to put some efforts in scripting, there is almost nothing you cannot do! You can furthermore easily add your own graphics, sounds and music. And in case you want to put all your efforts in the adventure designing projects, not in the art, there are numerous pages around (like this one) where you can download DC walls, icons, sprites and so on.

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