Helmetlands: Hide & Seek is an upcoming, short game which mainly aims at showing how mini games can be incorporated in Dungeon Craft modules.

After crash-landing on Planet 6359-4, a team of Martens is surprised to encounter even two different species who are highly intelligent, living on a medieval technology level - the Helmettigers and the Sworks. Two Martens are captured by the Helmettigers and taken to their emperor. The unscrupulous and scheming General Shogun wants to interrogate one of them to gain knowledge on the Martens' advanced technology, and he might use questionable methods to get what he wants. Fortunately, the emperor's only child, Prince Shinnoo, wants to keep the marten as a pet in case she proves entertaining enough. This could be a chance to gain the MSGU 57 enough time to form a rescue party and reach the planet with a second ship - before General Shogun can make his next move.

This module will be a demonstration of how small games like 'Rock, Stone, Scissors' or 'Tic Tac Toe' can be implemented in Dungeon Craft designs. Furthemore, it is designed as a sequel to Snow Tigress and a prequel to Helmet Menace, and will provide the player with additional background information on the Helmettigers' and the Martens' culture.

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