Helmetlands is a campaign with some differences to regular Dungeon Craft and FRUA projects: The modules from this campaign are set in an alternative universe. Some modules take place on Tarstmer, a planet where martenoid creatures (called Martens for simplicity) and Insectoids gained human-like intelligence. The characters in the Helmetlands- and Tarstmer-related modules are fictitious and not based on real characters or existing invented characters. Main protagonists of these modules are Martens from a special police unit called MSGU 57. Eventually, Martens manage to build spaceships which can travel to other solar systems. When landing on a Tarstmer-like planet, they recognize that this planet is inhabited by two different orders of intelligent beings: Helmetcats and Sworks. Several of the Helmetlands modules deal with the adventures of members of the MSGU 57 on the Helmetcats' and Sworks' planet. The looks of Helmetlands will be Comic/Manga-style.

The works on Helmetlands are still in progress, but several modules are already completed: Currently, Friedrich's Quest, Friedrich's Revenge and MSGU 57 Origins: Rise of the Insectoids can be found on the respective pages. These modules take place on Tarstmer, the Martens' planet. Snow Tigress features an adventure of two Helmettigers shortly before the Martens visit their planet for the first time. Also downloadable is Helmetlands: Praeludium, (as the name implies) a prelude to The Helmet Menace, the first part of Helmetlands. Finally, you can download Helmetlands: Cold Trail, a short side adventure of one marten which happens coevally with the beginning of The Helmet Menace.

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