Kommissar Ohm is policeman working and living in a small city in Central Germany. While the adventures of Kommissar Ohm are meant as a homage to a small city in eastern Westphalia, the characters occurring in the related modules are fictitious and not based on real characters. Several authors have contributed to the development of these characters and to Ohm-related projects, including three radio dramas.

The modules presented here are based on private movie projects. The first module, The Fiend's Ritual, has been finished in early 2016. Probably the most interesting and funny aspect of Kommissar Ohm's adventures is the clash of two completely different worlds: the small German city, situated in a rural area with its unimaginative, generally conservative inhabitants, who are confronted with beings from an ancient, phantastic realm with a mysterious, magical background.

A sequel to The Fiend's Ritual is possible, depending on feedback and progress with other projects.

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