Helmetlands: Praeludium is the introduction to Helmetlands: The Helmet Menace. This does not mean that it is neccessary to play through Praeludium to be able to play The Helmet Menace. However, Praeludium allows the player to get tons of information about the heroes of Helmetlands by examining the secrect base of MSGunit 57 and talking to various characters.

Does that mean that Helmetlands: Praeludium is not a real game? No epic battles? No tension? No aim? Not at all! The heroes of Helmetlands are by no means friends. A soldier, a scientist, a former eremite, a mutant, and a thief are forced to join forces in a most complex mission. In Helmetlands: Praeludium, the player must try to form a team out of these different characters within three days by making them talk to each other about their darkest fears and secrets, and by forcing them to survive challenges in the virtual reality simulation room. Furthermore, it is possible to gather more information about the dangerous tasks which the heroes will be facing in the near future.

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