Land Rover pictures mostly from the meetings at the Berghof

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Franz Leukert's newly restored Series II. This car is definitely far better than it left the factory. And not only because he planted a 2.5D in...

The grill of Franz Leukert's Series III 109. May be this explains why they call this car part the breakfast.

Brumml, Nelly and Harry (From left to right). At right you see Rasmus and Benny, the owners of Nelly and Harry.

Toni Schell's Tempo Series I. This is one of the very rare Series I's that Tempo in Hamburg built under license from Land Rover for the German Border Police (BGS). Most of them have already rusted away since they are completely built of steel. This one is powered by a Mercedes diesel (fitted later) and Toni seems to use it just to show up at the Land Rover meetings at the Berghof.

Christian's Lightweight at the camp out in September 2000

More pictures of this camp you'll find on Neill's page.

A Series II 88 I spotted on a holiday trip to Corsica.

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