Some Land Rover pictures I took on a journey to Scotland in July 1997

Click on the pictures to get the full resolution jpeg (200-300kB each).

Brumml, my 110 at Loch Arkaig. Around the bumper you see my tow rope. It's made of fourfold climbing rope (a retired one) and is very strechy. This proofed to be very handy for winchless off road recovery. Usually I carry it in the back of the truck, but during the Scotland trip it was in the way all the time, so I tied it around the bumper. I admit that I did like the look, though...

The military SIII 88 of Norman, an Englishman living in Viersen, Germany, who we met at the ferry in Oostende. He talked about going to the Billing Land Rover meeting, so perhaps you met him if you were there, too.

A sad SII 88 we spotted in Gairloch at the harbor beside a Land Rover workshop.

A civilized military SII 88. Note the military bumper and side light glasses.

A nicely restored SIII 88 near Ullapool

A sad looking SI with modified front in Lairg

What it should look like:
After a front end repair with gimp, a photoshop clone

A SII 109 with tracks, we spotted at the Lix Toll Land Rover garage. This may easily be the most often pictured Cuthbertson conversion. There are just 5 or 6 of these worldwide.

A forest LandRover, also at the Lix Toll garage. On the right you see Ian Stuart contemplating about showing up with the Cuthbertson at a RTV trial.

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