What is the best home-based business to join?

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diana303luv asked:

I’d like to do start a home-based business. Which one has brought you the most success?

Do you like Tattoo’s ?

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  1. Denyse A Says:

    You’ve received a lot of good comments and many links to various opportunities. I too will add mine.

    Let me share with you a little of my experience and add my two cents worth. I have previously worked with Amway, Nutrimetics and Essential Additions. All of these companies are highly respected and successful and I still know many people who operate very profitable businesses with these companies. They are not for me because, amongst other reasons, they required me to leave my home, whether it be for meetings or party plan type selling, and I am no longer in a position to do that.

    As for what is the best home based business, often I think it’s a matter of person choice, what your circumstances allow you to do, what you are prepared to do and so on.

    There are many businesses opportunities advertised on the internet, many of them legitimate, successful businesses, many of them not!

    It takes diligence to weed out what’s what.

    Without intending to pin tickets on myself, I consider myself a reasonably well educated person with professional training and life experience behind me, but……..

    I have been ‘taken for a ride’ with a couple of online opportunities offering much and providing little – or less – nothing. I lost money when I could least afford it and I became very angry.

    Having said that, I was also desperate to improve my financial situation and being a ’suddenly single’ mother of four who has health issues, I felt that home based business was the only way to go.

    So, I started researching – DETERMINED NEVER TO BE SCAMMED AGAIN.

    In short, here’s what I’ve discovered:

    For any business to be legitimate, it must offer either a product or a service. If it doesn’t offer product or service then it is a scam and illegal.

    Be aware of get rich quick schemes – there is no such thing. Any legitimate business takes work and effort on your part and requires building. It takes time to build the foundations of any venture – how much time is dependent on your own efforts and relatively speedy advancement is certainly achievable if you are prepared to put in the hours. (As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.)

    Ensure the organization offers full support and training. It’s easy to sign someone up for a business but it takes commitment and effort on the part of the enroller to train and support you in your efforts. Make sure you are not going to outlay your money and then be left with no communication or help.

    And speaking of money – determine how much the business is going to cost you to get started and what that fee actually gets you. If it only gets you permission to view a certain website then I’d seriously think again.

    It is reasonable to expect some start-up and on-going costs in a legitimate business – no such thing as a free lunch – but determine, not only how much is will cost you to start but more importantly, what your ongoing costs will be. A business may be low cost to start but then require an outlay of thousands of dollars each month to qualify you for your pay.

    Don’t be forced, convinced, badgered or ‘talked into’ committing to a cost which is above your budget, no matter what the apparent ‘limited’ offer may be. Many scammers offer you a reduced price but ‘only for today’ for instance. If a prospective business partner is not prepared to help you achieve success without causing you undue financial stress, then I’d be steering way clear. You know how much money you have to invest in your business, whether that me $50, $500, $1500 or more. Anyone offering you a business opportunity should be able to cater to your budget to a certain degree.

    Ensure than any organisation you are looking at joining is listed with the Direct Selling Association. Direct Selling and Multi Level Marketing businesses are very legitimate and legal and are certainly not pyramid. Pyramid schemes are illegal. MLM and Direct Selling businesses are very, very profitable if conducted in the correct way. Check the company’s Compensation Plan to see what benefits you are entitled to and how teams are structured. This is very important as some team structures result in a high attrition rate, which benefits no-one.

    I am currently involved in my own very successful home business and whilst it is not my intention necessarily to promote my own business here, I encourage you to visit my website and also another link which I will post here – You will find further links on what to look for in a home based business.

    If you are serious, and I only work with people who are committed, I would love you speak with you, (just fill out the form on my website), as I know first hand that our business is achievable with full of support and training (personal training too by the way – not just website links albeit we do use the web and email as a fantastic communication tool). Our business markets revolutionary and patented health and wellness products. There is no necessity to sell or stock product, to cold call or to pester your family and friends to get started. I operate my business purely online thus far but have other options open to me should I choose. Check out the links and decide for yourself if you would like to contact me further. The choice, as always, is yours.

    Regardless of whether you choose to contact me or not, I hope this information has been helpful. I understand how daunting it can be starting something new especially when the internet can make opportunities appear so intangible. I wish you well in your search and in any venture you decide to undertake.

    With Best Regards,

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