Oh Konan!

Kids, if you’ve seen the latest chapter, you’ve pretty much anticipated what’s gonna happen next. Madara is the currently the worst enemy (while Sasuke is in Hiatus), and Konan is obviously a mismatch for him.

Now the questions are, is Konan gonna die? Do you want her to be gone from the series? Does she deserve to stay?

And the bigger question might be, “Will Madara figure out or be able to force Konan tell where the Rinnegan is?”

Answers are up to you for now until the next chapters to come.

Hope you have a nice weekend, everyone!

Kisame is the Guy

Kisame, Akatsuki {Image from crunchyroll.com}

The battle commences for the third time between Kisame and Guy. But is it finished yet? Or is it ending soon?

Guy beats Kisame unconscious with his Tiger attack with his 8th gate opened. Kisame was captured and was being extracted, until he realized he shouldn’t be giving top secret info just like that, and the place where he wanted to go long before is the world of truth, he rose again.

When do you kids think this battle between the two would end?

Do you think Kisame deserves to stay in the storyline?

I think he should. Let me know what you think.

How strong can Naruto Be?

We have been part of every Naruto episodes and chapters and we’ve seen how Naruto progress his skills and strength. Remember the time that he can only summon a lousy clone? Or turn himself to a sexy teen girl (which is kinda lame, btw)? I’m sure you’ve all seen those.

Well, how would you rate Naruto’s power now? Is he way too strong already? How much stronger do you think he will be?

Moon’s Eye Plan and the 4th Ninja War

Moons Eye
Moon's Eye

So all that Madara desires is to have the power to be able to control everyone. He said he will be able to have that power when he collected all the power of the tailed beasts. The 10-tailed beast or the Jubi will be revived, and he said that he is capable of being the host of that beast. He also added that the power of the Jubi is the combination of the tailed beasts including Kyubi which currently resides in Naruto. This kinda proves me wrong when I assumed that Kyubi was the strongest beast that has the power of all the other tailed beasts combined. Basically, Madara has collected all other beasts except the Kyubi and the 8-tailed beast who escaped from Sasuke.

Also, one of the reasons why Madara and other Akatsuki members attacked the meeting of the 5 Kages is to ask them to cooperate with his plans, that is the Moon’s Eye plan. He asked if the Kages agreed and willing to bring the tailed beasts to him, and when the Kages did not agree, he declared the 4th war. Danzo was not there and gives me a hint that another plan or secret is going to be revealed in the coming chapters.

Naruto has come with a vengeance.