Naruto Valentines Day Special Episode

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The Ninjas temporarily put their missions on hold and celebrated hearts day with their loved ones.

Anybody seen this special Naruto episode on Valentines Day?

Image looted from Manga chapter 342

You probably haven’t seen this. There’s no such episode like this. But I can’t help imagining it. And I would think that this episode might top the hits if it’s only real. I wonder how would they forgot about this one, when Hianta Fans are out there, very excited to see Hinata and Naruto out on a date. Where would you think they’ll go?


Valentines day has come and the ninjas are out on a mission. Tsunade sama called for a temporary suspension of their missions and gave everyone a chance to make their day special. Naruto, having a little crush on Sakura, looked at her but even before he could speak to ask her out, here’s Rock Lee, already proposing to Sakura. And Sakura proudly accepted Lee’s offer.

Naruto then walked away heads down and everywhere he looks, there were partners very happy with each others company. He saw Neji with Tenten, Kakashi with Kurenai, Shikamaru with Temari and even Jiraiya sama with Tsunade.

He just headed straight to their Dojo to practice but as he approached the door, he was greeted by Ino and asked why he doesn’t have a partner. Naruto did not think Ino to be her date and even Ino proposed Naruto, he won’t accept it. Anyway, Ino did not think of that as well because Sasuke is the only guy in her mind. She’s just so unlucky that Sasuke ignores her always.

Feeling so lonely and tired of a little practice, Naruto sat at the doorstep and in a not so distant, he saw Hinata sitting on a swing, looking to nowhere. At some point, seeing her wiped Naruto’s sadness. At least he had someone to talk with.

Naruto didn’t think of dating her. He just look at Hinata as a younger sister. He doesn’t even think that Hinata has a BIG crush on him, even Hinata shows it by blushing so red. Naruto sat on the other swing and opened a conversation. They mainly tackled about what happened to them in those years Naruto was gone. You can see from Hinata’s face that she’s very inspired by Naruto. On the other hand, Naruto kept praising Hinata on her achievements and reminding her to always believe in herself. Hours passed and they didn’t even care of the sun’s heat. They just really enjoyed each other that time without even thinking of going out.


Naruto suddenly felt hungry and his stomach growled. Hinata noticed it so she asked Naruto for some Ramen. They went to the nearest Ramen stand and without noticing it, they’re out on a date. Sweet, eh? 🙂

 Now, picture this.

Naruto Shippuuden


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