Welcome to Odyssey!

The Odyssey machinima series appeared on the internet
at TMUnderground on Monday 11 August 2008.

Created using The Movies, based on several years of tabletop roleplaying and written as an "evolving" universe, it has continued to grow; through the multi-part Pilot episode, into Season One and, hopefully, beyond.

So, come and join me in the detail of the Odyssey universe!  Here you'll find:-

  • A detailed and evolved "Alliance Net Glossary", covering some of the places, races and background of the Allianceverse;
  • Episode Guides, detailing the cast and crew of the various episodes, along with links, information and snippets of detail never released before;
  • Links to other sites of interest to the sci-fi, machinima and sci-fi machinima fan!

And much, much more!
Season Two Page Updated!
Season Two Episode One Page Added!

Episode Seven Page Updated with download links!
Preliminary Episode Titles added to Season Two-Four Pages!

Episode Seven Page Updated!
Odyssey Writers Wanted

In order to “spread the load” a bit, I’m looking for 2-3 outside writers who fancy taking a crack at an episode or two to free up some time for me to concentrate on other projects and not drive me mental trying to do 7 scripts in advance again!

Plus, it gives the series a “shot in the arm” to introduce new ideas, concepts and a fresh pair of eyes to look over the universe.

I’m open to pitches and ideas for 45-50 min single episodes (initially) from interested parties.

Please be aware that, due to the arc-based nature of the series, I may ask for some tweaks and rewrites here and there as part of the process and a brief synopsis of the idea, cast list and basic episode plan as part of the decision making process.