Romulan Dawn, parts 1 & 2

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Last Revision: 07/03/30

Romulan Dawn Total Conversion Info:

Romulan Dawn is a total conversion designed for Klingon Academy, as played from the Romulan point-of-view.
Based on a novel by Don Burns,you play a cadet being faced with the trials of becoming a Romulan commander,
and his subsequent assignment in Preator K'Shiak's campaign of vengance against the Federation!

While Romulan Dawn was designed to be a three-part release, the third instalment never even reached the story
development stage, so only parts one and two were ever released in their entirety. These missions were well met
by the Klingon Academy community, and remains as one of my personal favourite mission sets.


Romulan Dawn is meant to be used with a FRESH installation of Klingon Academy, patched to v1.02. You can
install RD over a previously modded installation of KA, however it can't be guaranteed that the installed mods
won't interfere with RD's proper functioning, or vice-versa. After your new KA setup is installed run the files in
this order, and follow the on-screen instructions:


A new launcher icon should be available on your desktop for Romulan Dawn. Remember to check the game's
settings before starting.

Running "RomulanDawn_EnableAllMissions.exe" will unlock all the missions available for the game. RD's
missions are meant to be played in order, and are otherwise locked until the previous mission is beaten.

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