"Draggy & Croco" data splitter

This tool splits dat files from "Draggy & Croco" game by World Software. Extracted files can be unpacked by WorldSoftware XFD slave posted below.

Version: first release (20.06.2009) - download dcsplit.zip []

XFD slave for World Software game data

This is an external XFD slave for decrunching game data from World Software games, like "Franko: The Crazy Revenge", "Doman - Grzechy Ardana" and "Street Hassle".

Edit: After some preprocessing (see above) this slave will also decompress data from "Draggy & Croco" game.

As it is impossible to detect the file format, this slave has very little verification code, thus it should be put into XFD slaves directory only temporarily when crunched data source is known.

Version: first release (06.06.2009) - download xfd_WorldSoftware.zip []

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