Convention Reports '07

by yours truly

Little 5 Points Halloween Parade
Dragon*Con 07
Sci-Fi Summer Con
FANTASCICON - Did not get a chance to attend this year.

Little 5 Points Halloween Parade
October 20, 2007

Upcoming Event. Will post once it happens.

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August 31 - September 3, 2007

Okay. There was SOOOO much going on with this convention this year, Im still recovering. So lets get busy.

Didnt make it. Had to deal with Yougest Child School, and other issues. *sighs* Oh well, at least I have time to pack more.

Weee! Wake up early. Mega folks in costume. Me and my daughter get there. So glad she was with me once more. Dragon*Con has been lonely without her. She had to BUY her can we say LONG LINE! But suprising, it was not too bad this year. I had my pre-paid, and shot thru the lines. My friends tell me Friday, they had to wait HOURS for their pre-paid tickets. Guess I got lucky.

There were alot more costumes in line, this early. I was suprised. Got in, checked into Amerisuites (MY FAV HOTEL!) My roomie wasnt in, so I would catch up with em later. Changed into first costumes of the day. Boy, glad I ate early.

Ok. This was not a good sign. The Marriot was being renivated, so over half of the areas the convention normally uses was boarded up. Their solution?...Make us walk over to the Hilton. Three Hotel streach. Unfortunatelly, the few fan tables that were stuck waaaaay over there, almost saw no action. most folks didnt even REALIZE they were over there. Talk about well hidden. I spend a not so relaxed Friday checking into the Trek Trak room, and saying Hi to Erik..Master of EVERYTHING Trek Trak. Ahhh. Feels like home. I keep the costumes simple, cause tomorrow is the parade, and things will get hectic from then on out. I stay out. Late. Loved it!!! Catching up with old friends, and trying to find others. I was greated with CHOCOLATE COVERED MARSHMELLOWS!!. THANKS CAL! YUMMY Traditional treat! WITH DRAGON*CON and Marshmellows for ALL! *Now where is my Hot Chocolate?*

The MOTHERLOAD of Dragon*Con!


This is the day that most costume freeks and folks with one day passes come out to stare. And rumors say that this year was their record yet!. I have NEVER been so packed in my entire life!! Someone said they ran out of we're talking close to the 40,000 mark. More on that later.

Dragon*Con Parade
I have signed up to march in the parade again. But this year, instead of Jedi or Klingon, I decided to march with the Pirates as Tia Dalma/Calypso. I get up EARLY this year, grab a quick breakfast, and both my daughter and myself get ready for the parade. I dont want to have to RUN to the starting point. Got there in plenty of time, so I started to take pictures. I love it. So many more entries this year, and diffrent groups are now showing up. Makes for a long parade. This year, we were near the front, so I could get out of the parade after we reached the end, grab some water..(WE NEEDED IT!), and then run back out to take pics of everyone else. I was so happy with the weather. Just last week, we had temps over 100+ It cooled down, just enough to make the parade comfortable.

Construction made the parade alter itself a bit, but not too bad. I was actually sad when it was over. Wasnt as tired as I thought I would be. Of course, marching with a band of steeley pirates might have had something to do with it as well! ;) Plenty of picture taking all around. (I love the looks, when I would smile, and they would notice black teeth.) I found a lovely lady and a Jack who didnt mind me joining them, for half of the parade. My Daughter floated around the other pirates.

If I thought prices in the Hyatt were hight LAST year...I take it back. They were down right STUPID this year. Im NOT paying 8 bucks for a SLICE of pizza. We spend ENOUGH cash there, I really hate that they try to gouge us as well. And gee, where did all the fragging MINI-BARS come from?!?!?!? They were trying to sell us their high priced, watered down crud for prices I wont get into.

DARN!! I missed the Jedi Assembly, the Rebel Legions, and all the other Star Wars group photo sessions. I miss Mary Oyaya. Hopefully, she comes back to Dragon*Con sometime soon. Time to grab some food, and visit a few pannels. I like the Star wars and Star Trek Pannels. But mostly, I was dealin with the crush of people. Took forever to get places.


Same as Last year. The Fire Marshall told the hotel staff to put up signs saying NO PHOTOGRAPHY in the main lobby area and the next two floors. WHAT?!?! This is the MAIN picture taking place. As some folks are wearing HUGE costumes, where are they supposed to go? They cant use the elevators or steps.

Blank stares. I HATE THIS. But this year, I will admit, it was TOO CROWDED.

Meet some Sith. Ahhh...lovely. Nice to see them with a table there. AT least they were squeezed into the Marriot. Poor KAG table was all the way over at the Hilton. Almost NO folks wandered by. I spent most of my day, catching up with folks, taking pictures, recovering from the parade, taking MORE pictures, watching the drum circle, and walking back and forth to hotel to change costumes. Weeeee!

I finally made it to bed later on. Lets just say its past late. NO PARTIES!!!! Which REALLY sucked. Many folks wandered around, looking for something to get into. The Con-Suite was nice.


Took the morning nice and easy, since I would be pretty much in ridges all day. It was getting warm, and I didnt want to overheat before the pagent. Went 'OVER YONDER' to the dealers area, and visited the folks in the Hilton.

Ms.Klingon Beauty Pagent
This event has gotten huge, and we packed the room. I love it. Its funny how this event seems to draw folks, who arent even into Trek into it. Im sure some references are lost, but the general idea is that everyone has fun. It was a blast.

I competed this year, suprised myself. But this MIGHT be the last year for me. I decided to sing the War Anthem...that was QUITE fun. The audience is REALLY into the competition. It has gotten famous..or is that infamous? ;) We had a full house, and many contestants this year. Too bad the Judges SCHEDULED to show up didnt. Only the man who played Q (John de Lancie) bothered to show up.

Ahh... Gotta love it!

Glad to see more contestants are active. We had a Kingon hula dancer, Another dancer type with lots of hand gestures, Someone who did a song tribute to a fallen Klingon, Bathleh battle/dance, A warrior of the Black Fleet, I sang. The shortest Stick fighting in history. MY NAME IS SajQa' Not SAJQWA, SAJHA...or anything that sounds like a bigfoot. Course, I had a FUN question this year. I saw Eric's face on a video already on the web. It was priceless. The question I got this year was..."How do you define Victory?" I couldnt help myself. I answered with a grin..."Me on top!" The look on the Judges faces was priceless! Oh yeah, what fun.

It was nice to get a trophy this year. That was very nice. I'll add a pic of it here soon. It was very nice. I still dunno if I will do it again next year. I'll sit back and see. Even though One of the Judges, Autumn-Skye Boothe came back and talked to me ... meh.

After the contest, we joined the other Klingons at a crawl to the Steak and Ale. BUT, it took WAAAY tooo long. Usually we have a klingon party AFTER Ten-Forward, but since the Marriott was not giving out space, they opted for the pub..BEFORE Ten-Forward. I left early, cause ONE..the prices, and was far too late. Was late for ten-forward, but we got there. Didnt change to Guinan, or I would have been very late. Ten-Forward had the Klingon Disco, and it was all good. Party on!


AFTER all the talking with the DragonCon Pirates group, and all the other fun folks...I COUDLNT GET INTO THE PARTY!!!! IT SUCKED! Since the Hyatt and Marriott had done such a great job of killing all the other parties out there, it seems that the Pirates party was something EVERYONE was trying to get into. We got there, and was LOCKED OUT. The Fire Marshals really sucked this year. They started closing up the HYATT. THE ENTIRE HOTEL..for 30 minute blocks, while they tried to clear out the place. The SHUT DOWN THE DOORS TO THE PARTY and told folks NO MORE ENTRIES. Only those already in. So many of us, who had been talking about the party for weeks never got in. I hear it was great....

*SNIFF** still hurts.

WAAAH!! NO Rocky Horror Picture show. WAAAHHH!!!! A night tradition gone. What to do? At least the drum circle is going strong. What happened to the dances?? Oh, I finally found one. Didnt start until 2am. GEESH! They started closing the bars at midnite, quoting Georgia Law. Yeah...thats why the Underground can stay open, serving drinks till 4am. Uh huh. I didnt mind much, but it put a squash on so many other late nite activities as well.


Said goodbye Mynn and her buddies who had to leave early. Long drive ahead!

Im amazed that so many more folks seemed to stick it out to Monday this year. Even more so that folks are still in costume. I check in on the walk of fame folks. Still hanging in there. Have enjoyed the entire convention, even when the hords had pressed them them to the tables. That would HAVE to be scarry, to me. So many people. But this year, the Hyatt seemed to be making sure they were all FEED and cared for this year. But they seem to have trouble getting them to stuff. I know on the back of their ID's the times and location of where they are supposed to be is printed out for them. But in that massive crowd, unless you've been there a few times before, good luck trying to find out where you have to go. I have been stopped by guests, trying to find out where such in such place was, so that they could do their panel.

Monday was a very nice and relaxed day, perfect for listening to the last of the pannels and to make last minute runs thru the Dealers area. And as far as THAT was, hehehe, I needed that Monday.

I attended the last of the pannels and such, and had a blast. Bought two Midnight Syndicate CD's. I LOVE THESE FOLKS!! Great atmosphere music. This has been a great convention.

Missing my friends already.

The pannels were great.

For being as overcrowded as it was, the crowds this year were pretty nice. The guests were great, and Im so glad to see and meet so many folks I know, and many I didnt know.

The chance to see old friends, and make new ones. This is always a blast. Im glad my friends made it this year. It makes the Convention so much more fun.

No more dreaded stairs. The crowds were so bad, the stairs were made one way..DOWN. They opened up a hallway on the street level, that made getting back into the hotel much more easier. Ended taking you back into the area of the Trek Trak room. NICE!


RUDE people. Having folks step on you, push you, of droping stuff from the upper levels. Had my dress caught in the escalator once. Mostly cause of folks STEPPING all over me. I had to carry my dress darn near up past my knees, to keep folks off of it.

If You stop in front of the escalators, prepare to get run over. Thats just plain stupid. A line of people behind you, and you stop right in front to take a picture? Prepare to get pushed. You cant pause the thing. You CAN walk over and ASK person to take their picture someplace outta the way. I did. Other do. Figure it out.


Okay..if the convention space is halved because of renovations...YOU QUIT SELLING TICKETS!!! You dont be GREEDY BUGGERS AND KEEP SELLING UNTIL YOU ARE WAAAY OVER CAPACITY!! Being LOCKED outside of the hotel at 1AM IS NOT my idea of a good time, while you idjits try to clear it up.

The Fire Marshall/Hyatt staff. They needed to handle that situation better. Or perhaps its time to either limit how many tickets you sell, or MOVE THE CONVENTION. Or at the very least, set up the Marriott as the OFFICAL place to take pics during certain times of the day. THIS was the WORSE EVER. They had NEVER had to close up the HOTEL before. Making folks walk AROUND the outside of the place at 1-2am was NOT COOL. Not safe either.

Why did they have police for the crossing between the Marriott and the Hyatt..but NO help, for the street between the Hilton and the Marriott? Did they assume that the drivers were suddenly going to get common sense? Talk about cross at your own risk.

Ok. Dont scream at me. Im not deaf. But if I cant move, dont yell at me like im supposed to sprout wings and fly. And dont be suprised when you suspend something that is pretty much tradition, that folks are going to be a tad ticked off.

FOLKS. IF YOUR IN A COSTUME, that is SKIN somthing skimpy...IE CHAINMAIL...then for the love of OTHERS...WEAR A CUP.., or UNDIES!!!

You bare butt might look okay in chainmail, with nothing underneath to YOU..but the rest of us dont want to know you THAT WELL. And FLASH CAMERAS just highlight the problem even MORE. And I dont care if its a kid wearing it...PUT ON UNDERWEAR. Even if its just a THONG. PLEASE. And guys..If I can tell what religion you are...YOU NEED A CUP. I was in the con 2 seconds, and my daughter was cracking up, laughing at what she called the Curely Q...guy looked like he had Porkey the Pig shoved down his pants! Which then made it hard NOT to look. We had jokes for them all. If we are staring, it is NOT because its sexy...believe me!

Falls Down into chair, to rest up for next year's Dragon*Con.

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Sci-Fi Summer Con
June 8-10, 2007

I really like this convention. But, ever since the first one, I find myself not quite enjoying it as much as I did originally. But it still has some fun points. It is still a great con to meet with folks you havent seen in awhile, and lay back.

I can only report on the Satuday the 9th, that I went on. And there was so little going on, I was not convinced to purchase a Sunday ticket. I arrived at the convention. Interesting area. The hotel was nice. I took my youngest son with me this year. He is starting to get truly interested in conventions, so I dont mind taking him. We entered the hotel, and went to find the registration area. Small but lively looking. Better than last year.

Same problems as last year. Nothing sticks to the schedule. This was a recurring theme throughout the day. Another problem is the website. Still cant seem to keep it updated. At least Eric is here. I have someone to chat with. Ended up joining his ship, while buying the latest videos. The costume contest was a bit more this year, some folks actually managing to dress up this time. YAY!

I got to watch some classic old movies, and the con suite was nice. The old game machines are always a favorite. Daylan was enjoying the games, and he really had a blast on the older games.

Things did improve some. Hopefully, it continues. This hotel I could stand to use again.

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June 5, 2007

Hmm. An interesting little event. I have never gone to one of these before, so I wasnt sure what to expect.

First off, I got lost. VERY LOST. Trying to find a Elks club. WHY, and Elks club..I dunno. My son was with me, and I was getting annoyed. Thirty minutes later, we found the place. Its springling. Im grumpy. If I called Sci-Fi con tiny...I take it back. THIS..was tiny. I LEFT MY CAMERA! This is NOT getting better.

HEY ERIC! A face I know. Well, that helps some. At least I didnt have to try to find stuff. Everything was RIGHT THERE. Can I ask, whats with the dogs? At least these were well trained. There was a dining area, where the gaming was done. We learned a new game. "ZOMBIES!!!" We liked the game so much, that I ended up buying a copy of it. We sat for hours playing it.

Another tiny room, had several pannels. One was a guy talking about computer graphics and game design. My son didnt move for over 2 hours. A WORLD RECORD FOR HIM!!. He was spellbound. He loved it. I was in the dealer area, embarrising myself on Dance Dance Revolution. He joined me later on. There was a Jedi there, who had the Force helping him in his footwork, for he was amazing.

We also learned to play lazer tag quick draw. That was interesting.

I had fun watching the Dr. Who episodes. Timegate is a Dr. Who/Stargate con. It was a good place to catch up on old episodes. A 'cozy' con if you know someone there. Otherwise, ya might be a bit bored, or ya better make friends fast! ;) . I hope for a better spot next year.

They had a tiny costume contest. And they had an intersting skit contestant for an event, where a guy did a one man version of the Matrix moives, in five minutes. He made ME tired watching him. But it was hysterical. Anubus had some of his minions doing the Macarena. But OH BOY! It was fun. Afterwards, they fed us. And the food was GOOOOD!!

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May 25-27, 2007
Atlanta, GA

This was my first time at the event. Or should I say, Non-event. :-) You see, Uncon was something put together by the Dead Pirates of Sci-Fi Fandom group. I have attended several of their parties, at what was then called Galacticon, and other events, so I wanted to get more involved. That, and dressing as Tia Dalma from the pirate movies,

UnCon is a non-con. The pirates get together at an hotel, and they party themselves silly for two to three days. They bring in the rum, drinks and snacks, show movies and the such. Sometimes vendors show up, but its not necessary. With this UnCon, we also went dressed for the Georgia Ren faire, and the showing of Pirates of the Carribean 3. IT WAS A BLAST. It was the best non con, con that I have EVER had. I never felt bored, or lonely. My oldest son went with me to this convention. My youngest joined us when we went to the ren fair. They were nice, made of feel welcomed, came over and actually TALKED To us. By far, the most friendly groups of folks I ever had the pleasure of meeting, especially in a Non-convention setting. They made ME feel good, when they met my son, and asked if me and my uhh.."BOYFRIEND" were enjoying ourselves. I had several folks run over to verify that I was indeed his mother. Made me feel GREAT!


I hear next year, there might be a conflict between timegate and Uncon. I hope not. I LIKED UnCon. Hope it stays.

Its also where I adopted my new phrase..."DEADLY WEAPONS!" Should not sat up till 3am watching BAD vids...hehehehehe.

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