Makeup and Aliens or WHY YOU NEED A Makeup Kit

Ideas for other Aliens

I have been busy scanning the websites out there. After seeing the guy who did the Xizor castings, I was most impressed. But Halloween is a good time to haunt the Internet. Folks get very inventive with costuming. Especially if they want to save money.

True, some of the NICE stuff...will be hard to do without equipment. IE. Storm troopers you usually buy a kit, or know someone who can vaccum form stuff. But for other stuff, folks can get inventive. Im busy working on wings now. Someone on the web used foam to make a Godzilla suit. Talk about hot!

I also was looking at a lovely Chewbacca costume. The person used hair, as opposed to fur. Man, that was ALOT of weave. I have read some info about this. They took the hair that was on tracks..and sewed them onto a netting or other very OPEN WEAVE mesh. I became curious. There is a bothan or a cathar chracter I would very much like to do. Both are...hairy. Halloween is also the perfect time to hit the costume shops. Things like cat muzzles, elf ears, even stuff like vampire brows can become useful, when you combine them. Look around, to see what ideas you can use. You dont have to do as full suit either. If you are a Jedi, you can make altered tunics, and then you only have to worry about your hands and face...and if you are really into it..perhaps your legs.

The whole idea to remember, is that their are lots of aliens out there. Always keep an eye open for pieces and items you can use later. Draw it. Look at photos. Unless you are used to wearing latex, I would start off with small pieces, and slowly build up to wearing them. Full latex masks are hot and hard to see in. Your sweat stays with you, unless you makes ways for air to get in. There is a reason the aliens in the movies have to show up 6-8 hours before the rest of the actors. In a they wear LAYERS of latex...not just one piece. Jedi uniform, you can be darn near any alien you wish to make up. Perhaps you have an old mask. See if you can open it in the back, to allow more air. Maybe collect some rubber hands or fingers to set it off. The more face you can show, the less latex you need to sweat under. Using the same idea for the twi'lek lekku, you could make more tenticles. Perhaps with a little less latex, you could make a alien without having to bury yourself in too much latex. Look at the aliens in the bar. There was one lady there, with spots and and wild hairdoo. Nice thing about the Jedi uniform. As long as you are wearing that..they know what you are, even if they have never heard of the race or species your doing. ;)


Start a makeup kit. If you start branching out into diffrent costumes, believe me, you will need this. Here are a few general basics. Folks doing horror stuff, tend to need a bit more, but for our use, we can keep it simple and cheap.

A Make-Up Kit

Basic Essentials:
Small Fine Sponges (for applying make-up)+
Liquid Latex+
Cream Make-Up (available in tubes or something you can close)
Liquid Makeup close to skin color wanted
Eye/Lip Liner Pencils
Empty Film Containers w/lids+
Petroleum Jelly or Cold Cream+

Anything with a + next to it is a necessity that is pretty much important if you want to do anything.

Stuff To Get:
Cost: Cheap enough not to worry about.
What to do with it: Used to apply make-up and blend in make-up.

Liquid Latex
Cost: About $2 for a one oz. bottle (if you can get the kit with a brush attached to the inside of the lid)
What it is: an organic rubber that applies wet and dries rubbery and almost clear.
What to do with it: Facial adhesive, Glueing down latex edges, wrinkle effect, making of prosthetics, 101 household uses. Do not get this in your hair.

Cream Make-up
Cost: About $2 a tube
What it is: Water based make-up goes on smooth and comes off with soap and water.
What to do with it: Paint Your Face. The reason you only need red, yellow, blue, white and black is because with these you can mix to make any color you want. Yellow+blue=green, blue+red=purple, red+yellow=orange, all three give you brown. (Always add the dark color to the light one not the other way around).

Eye/Lip Liner Pencils
Cost: $1-$2 each
What to do with it: Outlines, and define areas and eyebrows.

Cost: $1-$2.
What to do with it: Clean your ears and naval OR apply make-up with them.

Empty Film Canisters
Cost: Free
You can get them from just about any place that develops film will be more than happy to give you all that you want.
What to do with it: These are great universal containers.

Petroleum Jelly or Cold Cream
Cost: Less than $5. $1-$2 bucks for jelly.
What it is: Make-up remover and petroleum jelly (you probably only need the travel size).
What to do with it: Taking all the stuff you just slathered on your face, off.

In addition to this stuff you will need something to put all of it in. A mirror is good. Something that can take being juggled around is also good. A makeup box works.

Painting Your Face

Clean your face before you start. You will need: Cream make-up, sponges, tissue, little sponges, and a victim er volunteer or yourself.
You will do: Have fun. Use the sponges to blend in colors. Try to avoid the greese make-up unless you like rubbing it all over yourself, your friends, and your costume. There is alot of newer stuff you can even airbrush on yourself. And it dosent get into your clothing either. Look around. If you have an evil Sith. You might want to practice working on highlights and shadows, so your face does not look one dimentional. This is especially important, when wearing pale (White) makeup.

Other Stuff you might need or is nice to have.

Bald Cap
Spirit Gum
Spirit Gum Remover
Colorset Powder (Talcum Powder)
Fix-it Spray

The fixitive and the power help keep the makeup on your face, and off your costume.
Good stuff. Do NOT get it into your eyes.

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