Finding a Use for Jedi Colors

"Many folks have asked about what the markers (Color bands or beads) mean on a braid. This list was complied from various sources. I do NOT know if it's "Canon", but you can have fun with it anyway.

Yellow band ----New beginnings as a Padawan. This is applied right after being choosen as a Padawan(before 13 standard years old.)

Beads or other color bands represent the Padawan's area/s of study. Possibly woven along the braid. The yellow band at the top and the Red band at the bottom. A Red band after 16 standard years old means he/she is starting on the road for gaining of wisdom and knowledge.

Other colors that are sometimes used are:

Green-------Living Force
Yellow------Lightsaber/and other weapons
Black-------Jedi version of Covert Operations

Anakin Skywalker had red and blue bands. Menchanics and piloting. BOTH of which he excels at.

Obi Wan as a Padawan had red /yellow bands. Those would mean he studied piloting and weapons skills. Both he is good with.


Lets's play more with colors!

I have also read info about the robes and talbards of the Jedi classes also being color coded.

The Healers wore Pale blue tunics and blue robes, and matching Talbards. Some might wear blue talbards and brown robes, if they held more than one classification. Again this was up to the Jedi.

Here are the ones that I have found at the moment.

(colors indicated are for robes/tunics)

Artificer: (Black/Golden Yellow)These are engineers, inventors
Healer: (Blue/Pale Blue)
Diplomat: (Brown/Cream)
Contemplative(Scholar): (Green/White) Those who study the Force


Additional Information: from adonawiind, on the Jedi Assembly Board,

Someone else mentioned that they read that a Full Jedi Knight can wear the Uniform color of his of her respective System here is a list of systems and colors.

Corillia..................Dark Green
Mon Calamari.......Dark Blue

Well from what they read, on planatary uniform designation, the colors are placed on belt stripes or with stripes around the cuff of your robe.

As you can see..this can lead to some very colorful uniforms. Much of this was done in the old Republic, and of course with Jedi as with everything else, styles and fashions changed with time. Just like on the Padawan braids, some used bands...while others later on used beads. If is up to you to be as creative as you wish. I just want to point out that not all uniforms need to be a same old drab browns and cream colors. I would just first check with the group you are joining with, to make sure they have no problems with it.

I hope you find these notes useful. Enjoy, and have fun with it.

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