SajQa', the owner and manager of this fine establishment.
tlhIngan jaw

Before you enter here are some tips and ideas for chatting:

  • Most of the time when you enter the chat room you are going to see this:
    Anyone in here?

    What's happening is that everyone is popping in and when no one answers them they leave. So the chatroom seems to be empty all the time. Here are some suggestions on what to do:

    Ro'targ, the congenial bartender.
    Kar'la, the ever-charming barmaid.
    1. Wait, give yourself ten minutes in the room and if no one shows leave or wait some more.
    2. Call a friend, e-mail some friends and ask them to meet you here.
    3. Or start regular meetings for certain topics "The Dujwov Shipmembers Meeting".

    Khaywolf, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer.

    What should you do once you're in?

  • First get a handle so people know who's talking...PLEASE KEEP YOUR NAME SHORT!
  • In the E-mail box enter your E-mail address. This way people can send you e-mail if you wanted to talk privately. Example: newbie@afl.com
  • For the URL for the name you can add a link to your homepage.
  • State what you're doing.
    When you enter you might want to state it as such, like "SajQa' has entered the room."
    When you leave state that as well. "qeq has left the building." or simply "bye!"
    This way when someone enters the room they can tell if someone else has just entered or if they are alone in the room.

    Note: All actions purporting to affect in an adverse manner the bar, its personnel, or its customers are subject to revision by the management.

    "The large room is darkly lit. There is much smoke and noise comingfrom around the room. It is huge, with large red and black banners hangingfrom the walls. Towards the back, is a small, casual kitchen being swept by anunusually clean klingon with a name tag that says in common "RO'TARG".On thewall behind him are many rows of mugs. In the front right corner is a largedrum. There are eight tables with benches, scattered around the edges of theroom. There are 4 large barrels placed in the center edge of the room. They are filled with a dark liquid. There are burnt marking on several walls. Atattered signs, barely hanging, with the words written in Federation Standard"NO DISRUPTORS OR PHASER ALLOWED", hangs from the left wall.
    Walking in, I notice a klingon playing a fine beat on the large drum forhis companions. They laugh, then two stand up and butt heads. I see no lightson the ceiling, for they have been shot out. Suffused lighting comes fromaround the edges of the walls and ceiling. The guard by the door eyes mesuspiciously, checking my weapons. "NO DISINTEGRATIONS", he grunts then lets me pass.I walk to the back of the room. The barkeep turns to look at me, then barks"nuqneH?" I point to a mug, which he tosses at me, a get myself a drink fromone of the barrels. Passing a very well used dart board on one of the backwalls, I sit down, and watch the entertainment......SajQa...
    Tor, the guard at the door.

    TOR...is stopping folks at the door for now....this will be the NEW, and (hopefully) improved, Hot Blood Bar, with TOTALLY new Programing! Be patient, and wait until construction is complete....!
    Until then..