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In recent research on the Klingon language it came to light that the Klingon language has two words meaning 'society'.

One is nugh, which is incorrectly used in our logo. It referres to the society as as group of people sharing the same culture, while the other word, in fact the one we meant, is yej'an. It referres to the society as a group devoted to the study of something, in this case the Klingon language and culture.

This fact was not known until recently and after we had established our logo. It would have caused us too much work to alter it, so it still says nugh instead of yej'an. We would like to apologise for this uncorrectness.

tlhIngan vajpuŽ

You consider yourselves brave ?
Then prove it !


The Klingon Warrior Society, has gone through many changes. As new formats, and changes were done, as while members wained and grew, throughtout the years. But also, due to such changes, alot of dead weight has been discovered. Klingons who did not wish to do the work, but only wanted to claim the glory.

So, our membership files have been purged.

Those truly interested, in helping rebuild the Klingon Warrior Society, well be asked to once again, put their names upon its lists of members, while we see who's of stout heart.

Once again, we rebuild our lists, but this time, we shall ask for those WILLING to put forward the effort, not simply putting your name to a form. You will be able to see such changes hopefully within the comming weeks.

But if you feel the boiling within your blood, then we welcome you.

This group was created, as an INTERNET based group. We all know how difficult it is to sometimes locate a Klingon ship close by. This way, Klingons from all over this tiny sphere, can connect with one another, and communicate.

If you prove yourself an honorable warrior, you might be able to serve the KWS at a higher rank and you will have a high office in the KWS itself or on one of our powerful warships.

Membership is absolutely free of charges.
Our main mission is to teach Terrans about the Klingon language, tlhingan Hol, and the Klingon culture. We would always be greatful to have members already speaking tlhingan Hol, but this is not strictly necessary.

Remember, Warriors achieve honor on the battlefield, not by sitting around doing nothing!

qaStaHvIS waŽ ram loS SaD Hugh SIjlach qetbogh loD

Four thousand throats can be cut in one night by a running man.

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