As I spoke,
here is a collection from around the Empire of some of the songs
and poems.

I have, when available, written the songs in our native language, phoneticly, and in Terran, when possible, so that others may enjoy our words!! Much translations are made possible with the help of others belonging to the KLI, their newsgroup, and other Klingon Organizations within the Empire.

Let us begin!

Pick a topic:

Klingon Anthem
Klingon Victory Song
Klingon Opera
Klingon Poetry

The Klingon Anthem

(DS9 Soldiers of the Empire, & Klingon CD)

Koi keh-less pook load.                       Qoy qeylIs puqloD
Koi Pook beh poo                              Qoy puqbe'pu'
Yoch bow math bow je shuv wee                 yoHbogh malthbogh je' SuvwI'
Say moach chyu may ew                         Sey'moHchu' may' 'Iw
Mah shoov, mah nong, ej ma choch chew         maSuv manong 'ej maHoHchu'
Nee beh yin mahj ach wov, coo!                nI'be'yInmaj 'ach wovqu'!

Bath ma cheth bejj, ej yo keej dahk           batlh maHghbej'jyoqIjDaq
Vaav, poo ma de, muv pa rech, ma shoov tach   vavpu'ma' DImuvpa'reH maSuvtaH
Koo ma mev, ko ma shoov tach, ma ov           Qu' DamevQo' maSuvtaH, ma'ov

Kahless' son listen
Daughters listen,
Warriors brave and loyal
The blood of battle excites them 
We fight, we are passionate, and we kill perfectly
Our lives are short but very bright!

We definatly die honerably, and in the Black Fleet,  
Before we join our faathers, we continue to fight,
We refuse to stop the mission, we continue to fight, we complete.


(DS9 Birthright I)

Ya-zjah kay-oh          yIja'Qo'

bah-dah too-moh        Bagh Da tuH mogh  Fire streaks the heavens
Sho-jah doo-roh        ChojaH Duh rHo   The battle has begun
Ya-zjah kay-oh         yIjah, Qey' 'oH
Ya-zjah kay-oh         yIjah, Qey' 'oH
Ya-zjah kay-oh-ooo     yIjah, Qey' 'oH

Mah dok,  u-do         majaq. 'o' tugh
jih dok, mah zjoo      jiDaq. majun.
Par dok, cha-bah!      pa'Daq jagh baH!
bu-rak, chu-qa         ou' lo' tlhuHQo'!

Telbar nay-goo         tep lagh negh 'uH
Moo-go toh-doo         mughato' tu'
Ya-zjah kay-oh         yIjah, Qey' 'oH
Ya-zjah kay-oh         yIjah, Qey' 'oH
Ya-zjah kayoh-ooo      yIjah, Qey' 'oH

Boh-naj ya-deetch      wo' naj, cha' DIch
Not-veer bah-reech     Do' chIj, wa'DIch
Key-jol kel-baj        'ejDo' 'el Da'
keh-dah oh-kie         Qib'a' bopar

Ya-zjah kay-oh          yIjah, Qey' 'oH
Ya-zjah kay-oh          yIjah, Qey' 'oH
Ya-zjah kayoh-ooo       yIjah, Qey' 'oH


Klingon Opera This popular Klingon art form is unappreciated outside of the Empire. Only one form of music has ever been counted by Klingons among the fine arts, and that is opera. Klingon opera always deals with legendary or historical subjects and is mostly vocal in nature, accompaniments of more than three musical instruments being rare. The most common accompanying instrument is the chuS'ugh, a very large wind instrument that functions rather like a bagpipe, but with a pedal bellows to provide air. A typical Klingon opera runs an hour to an hour and a half in length, followed by about a ten- to fifteen-minute chorus describing all the various effects of the story's outcome, consequences frequently being as important to Klingons as the action of the story itself.

(The Alternate) Though unheard, the lyrics, phonetically spelled and sung by a tenor, are:

Kak-lah... Kak-lah ...
        Yoh boo la to dah...
        Yoh boo la to da...
        Ah... do ro may... do ro may... do ro may...
        do ro MAY de lat so may...
        Uh clop-doh... uh gah...
        Uh clop-doh uh gah dor...
        Uh clop-doh... uh gah... dor ray... dor ray... dor ray.
Carrying legend into ceremony, the Klingon Kahless-Molor fights are celebrated annually in the operatic mock fights of the Kot'baval festival. (First Born)

Kot'baval Festival Annual celebration throughout the Klingon Empire, commemorating an historic incident in the life of Kahless. In the streets, one can see street vendors as well as operatic reenactments (complete with mock fights) of Kahless' final confrontation with the tyrant Molor. Some of the lyrics are::LISTEN

  Nok'tar be'got hosh'ar te'not
   ("He is asking if anyone else will have the courage to stand up
   to Molor")
          Ki'rock Molor, ki'rock
   (Worf answers, accepting the challenge)
          Ba'jak tu'mo
          O'tak tu'ro
          Nok'til Kahless. Molor gik'tal
   (Kahless sings)
          Ni'lot Kahless

The festival is celebrated, among other places, at the Klingon outpost on Maranga IV, on the "far side" of the Vodri Nebula. (First Born)

"Aktuh and Melota" a Klingon opera, noted for its famous love song; a favorite of Lt Worf and he sang part of it with Amarie in a bar on Qualor II. (Unificaton II) We may have heard a fragment of that duet (described in the script as a "Klingon La Boheme") on playing loudly on the bridge of the Defiant, as Worf sang along with the male singer:LISTEN

        Female:         BOOOOW-cha-daaay...
        Worf & Male:    KEEEY-cha-daaay...
        Female:         Me-YO-cha-BEEN-evaaa-kaa-MOOOOR...
        Worf & Male:    LIIING-tomaaa...
        Female:         Oh-ma-do-VEE-kos......ZOOOOOOO!
        Worf & Male:    Oh-ma-do-VEE-kos......ZOOOOOOO!

"Aktuh and Melota" ('aqtu' mellota' je in tlhIngan Hol), noted for its famous love song, is a favorite of Worf and he sang part of it with Amarie. (Unificaton I) In (Looking for Par'Mach in All the Wrong Places) [The transcription was published in HolQeD 5:4 (1996): 8-9 from a copy of the final draft of the script supplied by someone at Paramount. The best attempts of several of the Grammarians from the KLI's tlhIngan Hol mailing list failed to make any sense out of these lines. However, they certainly sounded impressive whatever Klingon language they were supposed to be! LISTEN

tlhIngan jIH is the title of another popular opera about the nature of being Klingon. Gowron says, "Few humans understand the spirit of Klingon opera... A good singer of Klingon opera must always be given appreciation. " Klingons show their appreciation of good art or performance by smashing something, then paying for it.LISTEN

"Klingon Love Song" Telok, Klingon chef/host of the Klingon restaurant on DS9, sang the following song with Jadzia Dax. The Klingon chef had never heard this Klingon song before Dax taught it to him (Playing God): LISTEN

          Ak'la bella doo-oo-oo-oo...
          Bella ak'la doo-oo-oo-oo...
          La suhm ... La suhm...
          L'kahtra ...La suhm...
          Ak'la bella doo-oo-oo-oo!

"Aler acht'jar" Title of a Klingon song performed by Deep Space Nine's Klingon Chef to the strum of a Klingon Lute for Doctor Bashir, Ensign Melora, Pazlar and other patrons (no translation is available) (Melora): LISTEN

        Aler acht'jar, Aler acht'jar,
        T'lembda boool-gah toh-gal ...
        Aler acht'jar, Aler acht'jar,
        T'lembda boool-gah to lohhhh ....
        oh-mah ram rom rom, rom         
        T'lembda boool-gah ....


Klingon battle songs Two lines of one, sung by the drunken Kor, are:

B'askI't Kor, B'askr'Ip Kor, Kohman-a-tI, B'askI't Kor.

A translation is not specified. (Blood Oath) Klingon Drinking Song Huraga told Worf that he used to sing this song with his old friend Mogh when Worf was a small boy. Worf and Huraga sang this over several (empty) metal bottles of what may be Klingon bloodwine on Deep Space 9:LISTEN

   EJ IM-TA FEY DE-JA I...               'ej HumtaH 'ej DechtaH 'Iw
   EJAHDAK-SO-TAS GHOS VA SKRAL BYTEEK   'ej Doq SodTah ghoSpa' Sqral bIQtiQ  
   EMPA JAJ LAW-MOCH JAJ-PUSH            'e' pa' jaj law' mo' jaj puS

They both laugh, then stand and butt heads. (Way of the Warrior) The song is translated in the novelization by Diane Carey as follows:

And the blood was ankle deep... And the River Skral ran crimson red On the day above all days When Kahless slew evil Molor dead!

Bachlor's Song? This song was sung on DS9 episode (You are cordially invited...) While Worf and Martok were on their way to (Kal Hyah!)LISTEN

                 kaa vek  ko-lee-ko
                 eH to-che Mah-lo
                 Tah oh-ma Koh esh to
                 PoH Deh Ah reee
                 yaH Bosh-AH
                 yaH Bosh-AH
                 yaH Bosh tomaH!

Dirge for Kor, the DaHar MasterThis song is sung, when Kor sacrafices himself in order to save the ship that Worf and General Martok are on. He holds off 22 ships by himself. It starts of with Martok saying ..."to Kor, the Dahar master! A noble warrior to the end. LISTEN!

Mi' qul qar'a'                      me-ko ka-ra    
'ej Do' QI' la'                    eng-do ki-la
QI' DO' Sum, qarI' Do' QI'la'       key-do-sum, ka-reH-do key-la
Sutem pa' rI' tlho'                 sutem-pa raH-do
mara' 'e' qor                       ma-ra eh- Kor

rI'qa'                              re-ka
rI'qa'                              re-ka
rI'qa'                              re-ka

DaSo' pa qareH                      da-so pa-ca-re 
QI' ro'qa'                          key ro-kah
ro' qa'                             ro-kah  
ro' qa'                             ro-kah
ro' qa'                             ro-kah      

Translation: Dirge for Kor, the Dahar Master - by Qoretlh

See the number of fires burning clearly
Good fortune for the mighty Commander
Great luck, I discipline my hails of fortune to you, Commanders
Hail appreciation throught your silence
Our Commander Kor

Hail again
Hail again
Hail again

You always cloak it thereabouts
the mighty Fist of the Commander
the Fist of the Commander
the Fist of the Commander


GaTH'k an ode of respect. This is properly spelled gha'tlhIq in tlhIngan Hol. (KCD)

        Ler'at, House of Tignar. Warrior Son.
        At the battle of teh, he killed many men.
        At the battle of reth he took many hurts.
        His arms were strong to lift the Bat'telh high.
        His heart was fierce to keep the enemy afraid.
        at teh, at reth, at lagon, at dumath, at negan.
        His arms are heavy now with the weight of many battles.
        His heart is burdened by the press of many honors.
        When he dies, the heavens will shake
        with the screams of his comrades.
        Warning the dead, Beware! Beware!
        A warrior is coming.

Klingon Love Poetry TNG (The Dauphin).

            I hunt in darkness.
            The stars my guide.
            The memory of you sings in my blood.
            I seize the gift.
            Carry it to your bower.
            And lay at your feet the hearts of my enemies.

may'Daq - SajQa'

may'Daq                                 In Battle

SuvwI'                                     Warrior!
'IwlIj yIQoy                               Listen to your blood,
jatlhDI may' ghogh                         As the voice of battle cries out!
yISuv qoj yIHegh!                          Fight or die!
tujchoH 'IwlIj taghDI' may!                When battle begins,your blood becomes hot,
pum jagh                                   The enemy falls
Datprogh chaj tu'lu' bIrocH 'Iwchaj        Their bodies are everywhere
may'DaqhaHD'SDuvw' juppu'Daj lonbe'        Their blood becomes cold.

toH!                                        So!
may' yItIv, ves loDnI'pu'lI' DatlhejtaHvIS  Enjoy the battle while you accompany
                                            your brothers of war!


Andrea Benton

Klingon Scouts

sung by a Klingon and a (non-Klingon)...
*Sung to tune: Grim Grinning Ghosts- The Haunted Masion

               KLINGON SCOUTS

     A Klingon warbird decloakes outside
     (Now it's time to run and hide!)
     Klingons smile with glowing eyes
     (Out to drink and terrorize)
     Klingon scouts, about to socialize

     Now don't close your eyes, and don't try to hide
     Are you a PetaQ'?, Come on out and fight!
     Bath'leth's waving in the air
     (Klingons howling everywhere!)
     Klingon scouts, out to start a fight

     Now a Klingon warrrior loves to fight!
     (Watching them is a scary sight!)
     Smashing heads and drawing blood
     (And a Klingon thinks it fun!)
     Klingon scouts, always love to fight

     Now it's time to leave this outpost soon
     (Everything that's left is ruin!)
     Klingons de-materialize
     (rebuild quick, cause you know why)
     Klingon scouts, will come again real soon!

Alan Bowbrick (

The Plunderer

(Sung to the tune of the Wanderer)

I fly around space in my Bird of Prey
Looking for planets I can conquer today
Don't like the Feddies or the Rommies too
As enemies go, I guess they'll have to do

Cause I'm the Plunderer
Yes I'm the Plunderer
I fly around, around,around,around

Kirk and his bunch are always in our face 
Their ship is so old it can't keep the pace
Cardies and Bajoran and the Vulcans too
Are gonna lose no matter what they try to do

Cause I'm the Plunderer
Yes I'm the Plunderer
I fly around, around,around,around

We are so fast you can't hope to defend
You'd better strap on a pair of Depends
Your hull will buckle and it will bend
Then you'll be blown out into Outer Space

Now I'm the Kind of guy who like to be in control
That's why you'll see my ship out on patrol
There is not a problem that we cannot fix
With a blast from our Disruptors, we will get our Kicks

Cause I'm the Plunderer
Yes I'm the Plunderer
I fly around, around,around,around around, around,around,around
Cause I'm the Plunderer
Yes I'm the Plunderer
I fly around, around,around,around around, around,around,around
Cause I'm the Plunderer
Yes I'm the Plunderer
I fly around, around,around,around around, around,around,around
(Fade out)

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