Observatory in Stradouň
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The Observatory

The village of Stradouň is situated about 5 km from Vysoké Mýto in east Bohemia.

Mr. Bohumil Ruprecht has built the observatory through own honoration in 1987. The observatory stays on the south-east corner of border wall of Mr. Ruprecht's house garden. The observatory consists of one circle room with a dome of steel construction. Dome diameter is 340 cm (10.8 ft). Outlook-window of the dome is 100 cm (3.2 ft) wide. The outlook-window is coverable with two-part door. The dome operates by hands. Geographic coordinates of the observatory are: latitude 49° 58' 13" north and longitude 16° 03' 55" east.

The main telescope of the observatory is the 130/1800 (mm) self-designed refractor. Its AS-designed objective is made by Carl Zeiss Jena. A smaller 75/300 refractor services as a finder. Mechanical part — the telescope tube and the German mounting — is self-designed. The 159x6-mm tube is of aluminium. At the other mounting side there is a smaller photographic Bauart 120/750 (f/6,5) telescope. Eyepiece holders of both telescopes have 72 mm diameter. Steel circle segments are used for balancing of the whole system according to use accessories. Mounting pier comes from an older projector.

Accessories of the telescope is large: reduction circles for most of photo apparates, drawing board with regulable light; a binocular extension is used for visual planetary observing. Web camera Philips SPC 900 NC is used for photographing. All supplementary equipment is adapted for prismatic clasping (as in bigger microscopes). This mode enables to quick and easy manipulation.

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