World's Edge — Dungeon Craft: Elementals

Elementals, para-elementals, and quasi-elementals range the gamut from puny vapor rats and strange-looking grues to powerful elemental princes of evil such as Ogrémoch, prince of evil earth creatures. The enigmatic xag-ya and xeg-yi are not elementals persay, yet appear to be the native creatures of the positive and negative energy planes.

A non-comprehensive list of the inner plane creatures is as follows: elementals (air, fire, earth, water), para-elementals (smoke, magma, ooze, ice), quasi-elementals (lightning, radiance, minerals, steam; vacuum, ash, dust, salt), genies (djinn, efreet, dao, marid), grues (chaggrin, harginn, ildriss, varrdig), stalkers (invisible, phantom, dune), humanoids (aerial servant, azer, pech, triton), animals (vapor rat, fire bat, water weird, etc.), creatures (crysmal, khargra, xorn, xaren, etc.).

Earth Elemental Fire Elemental Air Elemental Water Elemental
Dao Efreeti Djinni Marid

Chaggrin Harginn Ildriss Varrdig

Crysmal Fire Bat Vapor Rat Water Weird
Xorn Salamander New! Nereid
Khargra Azer

Magma Para-elemental Smoke Para-elemental Ice Para-elemental
Lightning Quasi-elemental Radiance Quasi-elemental Vacuum Quasi-elemental
Xag-ya Xeg-yi
Azer Earth Elemental Nereid
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