World's Edge — Dungeon Craft: Giant Class Creatures

"Giant class creatures" are creatures that rangers learn to dispatch with ease (+1 hp damage/level); these include not only giants, but also most humanoids as well. Strangely, dune stalkers, from the inner planes, are included as well. Giant class creatures include the following:

  • Bugbears, cyclopses, cyclopskin, dune stalkesr, ettins, giants (any), giant-kin (any), gibberlings, gnolls/flinds, goblins, grimlocks, hobgoblins/koalinths, kobolds, meazels, norkers, ogres/merrows, ogre mages, ogrillons, orcs/orogs, quaggoths, spriggans, taslois, trolls/scrags, and xvarts.

Frost Giant Gnoll Ogre

Hobgoblin New! Goblin New! Orc Kobold

Troll Norker Xvart
Storm Giant Cloud Giant Fire Giant
Stone Giant Hill Giant Ogre Mage

Ice Troll Bugbear Koalinth Meazel
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