World's Edge — Dungeon Craft: Men


"Men" include both men and women of the human race.

Fighter Fighter Ranger Ranger

Paladin Cleric Thief Thief

Magic-user Magic-user Paladin Ranger

Cleric Cleric Druid Thief

Magic-user Magic-user Magic-user
Magic-user Bard Bard New Portrait!

Noble Sorceress New! Guard Fixed Portrait! Red Wizard New Icon!
Witch New!! Peasant New Portrait!

Druid (Variation) Thief (Variation)

Bandit Pilgrim Peasant Peasantwoman Noble

Ice Barbarian Doom Knight Neanderthal Assassin Magic-user Paladin Ranger

Fighter Druid Magic-user Assassin
Elminster Khelben Arunsun Laeral Silverhand


Faerie Elf Faerie Elf Faerie Elf Cleric Grey Elf New Icon!!
High Elf (Variation) High Elf (Variation) High Elf New!!
High Elf High Elf High Elf Faerie Elf Faerie Elf Hanali Celanil


Mountain Dwarf Mountain Dwarf Hill Dwarf Hill Dwarf
Dwarf King New! Crazy Dwarf New!
Hill Dwarf Hill Dwarf Hill Dwarf


Illusionist Fighter Fighter Fighter
Cleric New!! Illusionist New!!

Fighter Fighter Illusionist


Thief Cleric
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