World's Edge — Dungeon Craft: Undead

Undead are in general either created by nefarious magic-users or dark clerics, or else free-willed creatures who can create more of their own kind. Most undead are vulnerable to the turning powers of good clerics, however, as shown in the table below. (Evil clerics can control undead instead of turning them, and they can also turn paladins as well.)

Skeleton Ghoul/Ghast Lacedon Wight
Wraith Vampire Vampire

Animal Skeleton Zombie Shadow Giant Skeleton Mummy
Juju Zombie Vampire Ghost Lich Death Knight

Undead TypesNumber AffectedCleric Level
Animal Skeleton7-12963TTDDDDD
Skeleton, Poltergeist (wandering)1-12 (*7-12)1074TTDDD*D*D*
Zombie1-12 (*7-12)131073TTDDD*D*
Ghoul, Poltergeist (bound)1-12 (*7-12)1613104TTDDDD*
Shadow1-12 (*7-12)19161374TTDDD*
Wight, Huecuva1-122019161074TTDD
Ghast, Monster Zombie, Giant Skeleton1-12-2019131074TTD
Wraith, Coffer Corpse, Pênanggalan, Sheet Phantom1-12--2016131074TD
Mummy, Son of Kyuss, Paladin L1-21-12---2016131074T
Spectre, Juju Zombie, Sheet Ghoul, Paladin L3-41-12----201613107T
Vampire, Paladin L5-61-12-----201613104
Ghost, Paladin L7-81-12------2016137
Lich, P 9-101-12-------191610
Minor Demons, Lesser Devils, Nighthag, Paladin L11+1-2-------201913

Servitor Undead

The lowliest of undead are bound to the wills of their creators. Mostly mindless, only the juju zombies have a burning, evil sentience. Although the creation of undead is a generally evil act, the non-sentient undead are not actually evil of their own accord.
Undead TypeNumberSpellTurn As
Skeleton, Animal1 corpse/1½ levelsAnimate Dead (C3, MU5)Skeleton, +1 level, 1d6+6 affected
Skeleton1 corpse/1 levelAnimate Dead (C3, MU5)Skeleton
Zombie1 corpse/1 levelAnimate Dead (C3, MU5)Zombie
Skeleton, Giant1 corpse/2 levelsAnimate Dead Monsters (C5)Ghast
Zombie, Monster1 corpse/2 levelsAnimate Dead Monsters (C5)Ghast
Zombie, Juju1 victimEnergy Drain (MU9)Spectre

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