World's Edge — Dungeon Craft

What is Dungeon Craft? Dungeon Craft is a versatile RPG engine that can enable you to make your own CRPG, reminiscent of the old Gold Box games (yet improved in a myriad of ways)! I have my own memories of playing these ancient games from the 5.25" floppies that they came in, switching them in and out amidst 30-minute (and longer) loading times... those were the days.

Along my quest to create my very own CRPG game, I have created quite a large collection of art that can be used with Dungeon Craft, mostly with (Windows XP) Microsoft Paint. My game is still in the works, but in the meantime, feel free to use my art for your own Dungeon Craft games, as long as you credit me somewhere (and please let me know about your game, so that I can play it!).

For those interested in creating their own art - for the 640 x 480 resolution, general guidelines include:

  • Icons: 8 pixels/foot, 2 frames (any size that is a multiple of 48 pixels)
  • Sprites: 18 pixels/foot (1st frame); 10 pixels/foot (2nd frame); 6 pixels/foot (3rd frame); 528 x 211 pixels (176 x 211 pixels, 3 frames)
  • Small Pics: 176 x 211 pixels (may be more than one frame if animated)
  • Big Pics: 608 x 288 pixels


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