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Introduction to Dungeon Craft

Back in the day, there were the old Gold Box CRPGs by SSI, like Secret of the Silver Blades and Champions of Krynn (both of which I enjoyed playing as a kid). In those days, when CRPGs were mostly dominated by games like Wizardry, Might and Magic, and others that employed 1st-person perspective battle scenes (also used in the Japanese CRPG series, Dragon Quest), the Gold Box games were noted for their pseudo-isometric battles reminiscent of AD&D miniature battles; this allowed for greater strategy, using missile weapons and area effect spells to great effect. SSI also eventually released Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures ("FRUA"), which allowed players to create their own Gold Box games.

Dungeon Craft emulates Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures, but with many improvements — for example, graphics can now support up to 32-bit color and resolutions of up to 1024 x 768; the engine is also highly customizable for complex quests, new magic spells, and new monsters!

World's Edge provides original graphics for budding game creators using this awesome engine, providing more than 200 combat icons at scale, more than 50 small pictures, and various walls, spells, sprites, and other graphics! More graphics, other resources, and mods to play can be found on the following other sites as well:

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