World's Edge: Portfolio

Welcome to my Pixel Art Portfolio! I can work in a variety of different styles, but enjoy fantasy art foremost, and anime-style art as well. In general, I enjoy drawing organic things more than geometric, and smooth shading over dithering. Over the years, I have drawn hundreds of pieces of fantasy art for the Dungeon Craft engine. A small selection of my favorite pixel art pieces are below - if you like what you see, and would like me to draw some art for you, please e-mail me at echaecha at gmail.

Fantasy Art

To see more fantasy art, go to the Dungeon Craft page (there are literally 100s of combat sprites and portraits, as well as walls, backgrounds, etc.), or look at a the rest of my fantasy art samples!

If you are interested in cetaceans, you may find this cetacean sizes chart (to 8 pixels/foot scale) interesting.

Anime-style Art

If you like, take a look at the rest of my anime-style art samples.

Isometric Art