Older Images

The images below were not made specifically for DungeonCraft, but some of them might be useful in making sprites (perhaps - not sure which ones, though, as people may have different needs in terms of size). The artwork is steadily worse as the date gets older... Well, I think so, anyway. Looking at the stuff I've done over the years, I can see that I've tried various image sizes and methods here.

All images here were created using only Microsoft Paint - and sometimes something else if only to convert it to a usable GIF file!

Standard AD&D Races and Monsters (July 2004)
Sorceress and FamiliarSorceress Casts a SpellDwarven FighterGnomish Fighter AttacksBlack Ooze AttacksEeek!

Lejendary Adventure Monsters, Avatar Races, and Extraordinary Items (July 2005)
Golden DragonDockalfarIlf (female)Kobold (male)Trollkin (male)Veshoge (male)
Ice Blade

Forgotten Realms Residents (February 2006)
Hanali Celanil (deity)Moon Elf and FrogAvariel in Flight
Sea Elf and FishFleeing DwarfRedheaded Paladin

Forgotten Realms Deity Symbols (June 2006 - November 2006)
HelmMystraSelûneSharLliiraTymoraHanali Celanil

Forgotten Realms Races (September 2006)
Shield Dwarf (male)Gold Dwarf (male)Gray Dwarf (male)
Moon Elf (male)Moon Elf (female)Sun Elf (female)Sea Elf, Serôsian (female)
Rock Gnome (male)Forest Gnome (male)Halfling (male)Halfling (female)

All art was done by me, yadda yadda, be nice!