U.S. National Grid

An experimental demonstration application

From 2007 to 2013 this URL hosted a Google Maps demonstration application for the U.S. National Grid. That application stopped working in November, 2013 because of changes to the Google API. For various reasons, I elected not to upgrade upgrade it to v3 of the Google API.

I am tinkering with an OpenLayers version of a similar app. This is an incomplete work-in-progress that may or may not ever be finished, so use at your own risk. Don't bother sending me bug reports, there are plenty of obvious bugs and absent features that will keep me busy for awhile. Exception: coordinate readouts, grid lines, and labels in North America should be correct, so if you find any that are not, please let me know.

DO NOT depend on this application around the prime meridian, international dateline, or in the areas of Norway or Svalbard.

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Larry Moore
November 2013


Brief history

December 1-4, 2013 - 1,000-meter grid added; improvements to grid square label placements; improvements to grid line presentation.

November 20, 2013 - Initial release