Jan 25 2012

Messing it up

The biological clock wakes me up perfectly at 6 o’ clock everyday. But on weekdays I just snooze and on weekends I get up without any hassle. Its this amazingly regular irregularity that I possess, amazes me most of the times. I sit down idly staring out of the window and bang at that moment I find an idea to write something about. But I just feel lazy and don’t bother and idea just withers away slowely. I feel it actually melting inside me. The pain of that moment is undefinable as it is pretty abstract in nature.
An idea.. that’s all that I’ve got. I need to write it down and actually make any sense out of it. But seriously it feels like a chore. Because basically its an idea. The very fact that it appeals to me means it has to be something out of the ordinary. If it is actually out of the ordinary, there are high chances that it is got to be a little bit weird and it is a little bit weird almost certainly implies that it is crazy. Now the chore begins. To make a weird idea actually make sense when elaborated elaborately. That is kinda buzzkill. ‘Buzzkill’ is actually an interesting word. I don’t remember right now where I learnt it. But it must be from some TV Series or a movie. Now looking back at the last sentence I actually feel lame since those two are the only sources from where I can learn any word, since for last two-three years, I haven’t read a book. And now I feel much lamer since I do read a lot of news and articles on net and it might have been from there and still I couldn’t figure this option out before writing the last sentence. Well, doesn’t matter. Where were we? Yes. The buzzkill chore.
But far more buzzkill is the fact that I work almost 9 hours a day in an office. Well, to some it might sound normal but not me. I hate the aforementioned fact. So comparatively the chore of elaborating on a crazy idea that might fetch a few praises from the few people who do read my blog is more soothing than the 9 hour office time. But you know what? Office hours pay me and they do pay me good. So here I am signing off.. going to watch some cool TV Series or a nice and/or messed up movie, coz the chore of elaborating the idea that just crossed my mind is something I don’t want to do. I would rather feel it melt inside me slowely while I obsess over the fantastic world inside some fiction, which is actually a weird idea elaborately elaborated by someone else who, gets paid for doing exactly that.

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