Principles of Magnetism and Electricity

Principles of Magnetism and Electricity

Red Ancestors & Magpie through Ken McKelvie
28 February 2006

    February 2006

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Greetings ascending brothers and sisters it is the seeded Red Ancestors and Magpie that address you today. We, Magpie, can follow our history to a time within the Great Central Sun when the Earth Mother was at the centre of creation. At the time Earth existed in a state of Holographic Magnetic awareness. In a holographic creation there is no movement of energy per say; each movement of energy generates an instant and opposing movement of energy, which allows all to be experienced in the moment without harm. For example, if one were to have harmful polarised thought form, there would be an instant movement of opposing thought form that would cancel out and transcend the thought without creating harm. As earth moved outside the boundaries of the Great Central Sun she began to drop in vibration and shattered into two distinct energy flows, one positive and one negative, which brought about the light and dark earth dream. As earth dropped in vibration the response time for the opposing thought form to manifest slowed as well, to a point where many lifetimes were required to transcend such a thought form.

As earth shattered she lost much of her information to the dark. However, some of her knowledge and records remained hidden within the kingdoms. It is Magpie that retained knowledge of Holographic Magnetism, and due to our ascension this information is now becoming available which we wish to share with you. The name Magpie and our colouring are a representation of this knowledge; MAGnetic PIEd, pied meaning two colours of opposite polarity, black and white. Our species can be found in nearly all countries of the world, and our role is to help earth balance the magnetic energies. There are basically three states of magnetic configuration, these are Fractured Magnetics, Balanced Magnetics and Holographic Magnetics. It is only in a state of fractured magnetics that electrical energy can exist, earth currently sits in a state of fractured, or separated, magnetics, which is reflected throughout all of creation, which is in a state of separation in one way or another. No creation has sunk to such a low vibration and recovered as earth is doing now through ascension. As earth returns to a state of holographic magnetics so will the rest of creation, this is why it so important that earth takes her ascension at this time. We wish to bring this information to consciousness so that those who are ascending can have a complete understanding of how magnetics and electrical energies interact.

Firstly, we will explain the current dynamics of fractured magnetics and how the current scientific community perceive magnetics and electricity. Whilst this message may seem to be a technical dissertation there is no other way that we can present the information so that one can understand where we are now, and where we are going. As our channel does not have a physics or scientific background it has been a difficult process. Because of this we will endeavour to keep the concepts as simple as possible so as not to cause confusion.

Magnetics can best be described as magnetic field lines, or lines of force, that have a direction and magnitude/strength. The direction of the field lines indicates the direction of the field, while the density of the field lines indicates the magnitude of the field. Thus at points where the field lines are closer together, the field is stronger. Field lines are described in quantities known as flux.

The only substances currently known to science that are naturally magnetic are Nickel, Iron, Cobalt (NIC). Lodestone was the first known mineral that was naturally magnetic and contains one or a combination of NIC. These substances can be magnetic when taken from the ground or can be made to become magnetic by subjecting them to an external magnetic field. To be a magnetic a substance it must have a North and South pole naturally. Magnetic fields are usually the result of magnetic dipoles. A simplest example of a magnetic dipole is the bar magnet: It be seen that the magnetic field lines always begin on the north pole of a magnet, and end on the south pole. This diagram below illustrates the magnetic field lines of a typical magnetic dipole.

Magnetic dipoles will usually align themselves parallel to an external magnetic field, therefore the dipole's field matches the one that is applied to it. This is why bar magnets line up north-to-south. The north pole of a magnet is the pole that aligns itself with geographic north. As a result, the geographic north pole of the earth is actually very close the earth's magnetic south pole. This is an anomaly that confuses many people, however, is a result of the limited understanding of magnetics by the early scientific community. Science, like many belief systems is based on dogma and once "proven" is hard to change. However, it is now generally accepted that what we call "magnetic north" is really magnetic south. This magnetic energy flow is represented as a figure of eight energy pattern.

NIC have a property known as ferromagnetism, the prefix "ferro" refers to Iron, which was the first identified natural magnetic substance. Ferromagnetic materials have the ability to "remember" the magnetic fields they have been subjected to. A ferromagnetic material is composed of many tiny magnets known as domains. Each domain is a region of the magnet, that has north and south pole consisting of numerous atomic dipoles, all pointing in the same direction. A strong magnetic field will align the domains of a ferromagnet, or in other words, magnetize it. Once the magnetic field is removed, the domains will remain aligned, resulting in a permanent magnet.

Whilst NIC are the only know ferromagnetic substances, all substances are know to have a diamagnetic nature. Diamagnetism means that the molecules within a substance will align themselves to an external magnetic field; diamagnetic materials are not considered to contain magnetic domains. These dipoles are randomly oriented, but will align themselves to an external magnetic field. The external magnetic field induces magnetism within the material, which in turn results in an internal magnetic field in the opposite direction. This effect is usually quite small and it is generally considered by scientist to disappear when the external magnetic field is removed, and will no longer be magnetised. However, at a subtle sub atomic level the diamagnetic material will still retain a magnetic field, although it cannot be measured by current technological equipment.

To magnetize a substance it is placed in a machine that generates an extremely high-powered, or pulsed, magnetic field for an instant. The polarity of the finished magnet depends on how it was oriented in the magnetizing machine. One can make a simple steel magnet at home by taking a nail and stroking it with a strong magnet 20 or 30 times in the one direction.

What is the relationship between magnetics and electricity?

All matter is made up of atoms, at the centre is the nucleus which contains positively charged particles called protons, and uncharged particles called neutrons. The nucleus of an atom is surrounded by negatively charged particles called electrons, which spin around the nucleus in much the same way as the planets orbit around the sun. The negative charge of an electron is equal to the positive charge of a proton, and the number of electrons in an atom is usually equal to the number of protons. When the balancing force between protons and electrons is upset by an outside force, an atom may gain or lose an electron. When electrons are "lost" from an atom, the free movement of these electrons constitutes an electric current. Electricity starts with electrons and is a form of energy involving the flow of electrons.

Many metals such as copper, iron, gold, silver etc have electrons that can detach from their atoms and move around, these are called free electrons. The loose electrons make it easy for electricity to flow through these materials, therefore they are often called electrical conductors, meaning they conduct electricity. The moving electrons transmit electrical energy from one point to another. In many materials such as wood, glass and plastic, the electrons are tightly bound to the atoms, and because the electrons don't move, these materials cannot conduct electricity very well, and are often called electrical insulators. Electricity needs a conductor for the electrons to flow along, and a force to generate/initiate the movement of electrons/electricity from one point to another. One way to get electricity flowing is to use magnetic lines of force to initiate the movement of electrons, and this is the most common form of generating electrical energy today. Chemical reactions will also cause electrons to flow which is how solar energy is generated.

In the example opposite a copper wire, the conductor, is coiled around a cardboard tube, such as a toilet roll. As the magnet is lowered inside the coil the lines of force generates a flow of electrons which registers as current at the meter. As the conductor stabilises/balances to the external force no more electrons will flow. However, if the magnet is rapidly raised and lowered inside the coil an interrupted electrical current can be measured at the meter. In a modern electrical generator the magnet is static and the conductor is rotated, or moved in and out of the magnetic field generating electrical energy. If one wishes a deeper understanding of electrical generation click here. Approx 40% of all electrical energy that is generated is not used and leaches into the environment causing damage to earth's magnetic field.

One of the properties of the movement of electrons is that they generate magnetic lines of force as they move along the conductor. These lines of force are generated perpendicular to line of movement of the electrons, in other words the lines of force will surround and radiate out from the conductor. These lines of force are called Electro-Magnetic Force, EMF, which in simple terms means a magnetic field created by the movement of electrons.

Another way to get electrons to move is to add more electrons, this can be done by using a source of stored electrons such as a battery. If a conductor is placed across the terminals there will be movement of electrons along the conductor from the negative to the positive terminal. This movement of electrons will generate an EM field around the conductor. If a ferromagnetic substance, such as iron horseshoe, is placed inside the EM field it will cause the electrons in horseshoe to flow perpendicular to the lines of force, creating a powerful electromagnet; see the diagram opposite. The power of the magnet is proportional to voltage across the terminals.

We would like to say the current scientific explanation of atomic structure and properties that you have just read is totally false, and is based upon probabilities and assumption. Atomic inner structures have never been "seen" by scientists, the best that has been achieved is the observation of an "indistinct cloudy spherical shaped object". In fact the shape of an atom is not spherical but egg shaped, also these egg shaped atoms that make up an element, a group of atoms, are not randomly placed but are lined up like eggs in a crate. The properties of an element are usually determined by the light that they emit. This is done by storing a particular element, which is in constant state of change, in a in a glass container. This changing state causes photons, light, to be released. Another light beam is then put through the container and forces the photons produced by the element into a prism, the prism separates the light in distinct bands or lines of colour. Different elements will produce it's own unique band of colours, which are then analysed. Apart from this everything else about atomic theory is based upon probability and an "educated assumption".

The cloudy substance is thought to have a negative charge and is therefore called an electron, however, the charge of the electron in based upon the manner in which it is measured. Because it is assumed that the electron has a negative charge, it is also assumed that the centre or nucleus must be positive based on charge polarity; which says that if there is a negative charge, then there must also be a positive charge, a proton, and a neutral charge called a neutron. To further confuse the concept is the positron, or positive electron.

We would like to say that what is perceived as an atom is actually a magnetic particle, which floats in a sea of energy called chi. Like the earth these particles have a north and south pole, and a central core. The core draws in energy from the surrounding sea, creating the cloudy appearance, and moves the energy in a magnetic flow, north to south and south to north, creating two figures of eights energy flow each moving in the opposite direction; this is important to remember as we will further expand upon this concept later. The magnetic particles spin, some to the left and some to the right, the direction of the spin gives the particles either a positive or negative charge, creating balance within the element. When a magnetic force is applied to the particles one group of spinning particles will move in one direction, and the other group of particles will move in the other.

It is the negative moving particles that are captured to produce electrical energy on a physical level. The other group are spun off into the space between or negative space. As the particles move they release magnetic energy that surrounds the conductor; very much like a smoke ring that can be created by a smoker. The term "ferromagnetic" is misplaced in that all naturally occurring substance have magnetic domains, not just NIC. It is just that some substances have more magnetic particles than others, and therefore move magnetic better than those with less magnetic particles; iron has more magnetic particles than wood, and therefore are considered better conductor. Science says that when a negative and positive energy flow are joined together they cancel each other out, however, what is actually produced is an explosion of magnetic energy that can be used to support ascension.

Balanced Magnetics

The information on conventional magnetic principles above describes the movement of the earth's magnetic field from south to north, however, one is seeing only one side of the equation. However, just like the magnetic particles earth has a movement of magnetic energy that runs from north to south which is not considered, captured or measured. All moving energy in creation, has an opposite and equal movement of energy. That which is manifested by polarity creates an opposite and equal polarity as creation strives to bring everything to balance. Earth sits in a state of duality and separation of physical and non physical; that which is manifest in polarity in the physical will manifest in the opposite polarity in the non physical, and vise versa. The path of the spiritual warrior is to walk the middle path so that polarity is not manifest in either the physical or the non physical.

It would be true to say that at a global level negative moving electrical energy is manifest predominately in the physical, whilst positive moving energy is manifest in the non physical. It is often the case that those who live in a of state powerlessness and poverty offset their physical well being to maintain a position of power and control in the non physical. This is reflected in many repressed indigenous brothers and sisters who see themselves as victims of white oppression, however, do nothing about it to change their situation, and are happy to be co-dependant upon their oppressors, whom they feed upon energetically in the non physical. The oppressors do not see this and are happy to forsake spiritual consciousness and awareness for control and physical well being. This is also reflected in many western and eastern spiritual belief systems were the aspirants live a life of self sacrifice, austerity and obedience to the Guru that gives the followers a sense of spiritual superiority.

The same principles apply at the subtle level as well, thought form is the force applied, and the physical form and field the conductor in which the energy moves. Polarised thought form will create an electrical movement of energy in one direction or the other, negative or positive. If one finds themselves in polarity all that is required is for one to intend to apply force based upon the opposite polarity. Though this will make one feel uncomfortable, as one will always try to deny polarity, it will bring the thought form to the middle or balance.

We would now like to discuss how the two figure of eight energy flows discussed above. The two figure of eight energy flows are manifest at a solar, global and individual level.

At a solar level one figure of eight moves around the sun and the collective human species, and the other around the earth and humanity, see diagrams below.

The movement of energy that surrounds earth and humanity opens up the energetic pathways to anchor earth's healing temples in the field, as well as the tones of creation, chi, kundalini and the elements that are provided to humanity by the earth mother. The movement of energy around the sun and humanity allows for the anchoring of the solar temples and energy from the sun for the manifestation of dreams. Human souls are creator souls, whose manifestation of creation is based upon Earths dream for herself and all the kingdoms. The manifestation of creation requires a huge amount of energy, which is provided by the sun and earth. Basically, earth generates the tones, including the elements, which are infused with chi, and the sun provides vast amounts of energy that shapes and holds the elements together to manifest creation. The human hologram and form is unique in that it is able to hold and move large amounts of energy and tones, across a broad range of creational vibrations. Humanities role is to move the energy necessary to weave the vibrations together, much like a conductor, to form the basis for manifestation in support of earth's dream. In Aboriginal stories the ancestors "sang" creation into manifestation; they sang the mountains, valleys and hills; they sang the rivers, lakes and oceans. It is then humanities responsibility to repair and manage the energetic movements of tones, moving through creation keeping everything in balance, unity and harmony. Additionally, solar energy is drawn down to embrace earth, and earth energy is drawn up to embrace the sun, balancing the masculine and feminine in the manifestation of creation. As these energy patterns rotate the form a downward, corkscrewing pattern, that allows for the movement of gold and silver tones that assist in clearing the field.

At an individual level the two figure of eight movement of energy is replicated in the human form and field via the movement of sexual energy, see the diagram below.

The sexual energy flow, for the masculines, moves out from the front of the pelvis chakra, under the feet, back into the pelvis, out the front and into the heart chakra, out the back, and back into the pelvis chakra. This movement grounds the field and form into earth, and allows form the movement of chi, kundalini, elements and the tones of creation in the field. Note, the feminine moves in the opposite direction beginning out the back of the pelvis, but follows the same pattern.

The second figure of eight moves out from the back of the heart chakra, over the head and back into the heart chakra, out the back of the heart chakra and into the back of the pelvis chakra, out the front and back into the heart chakra. This movement of energy interconnects one to soul, oversoul and source. It also provides for the downward movement of the gold and silver tones from the sun through the field.

These two movements of energy are processed and in the power centre charka, some of the energy from the lower figure of eight is drawn up above the head, and some of the energy from the upper figure of eight is drawn down the field below the feet. When the flow spins it can be seen as a flower pattern. Our channel has been using these two movements of energy for approx 6 months now and has found it to be very beneficial to his ascension.

At a universal level one figure of eight moves around the Great Central Sun and our solar sun, and the other around the solar sun and earth. This is the movement of energy that will bring creation to a state of balanced magnetic flow in preparation for a fourth dimensional state of existence, which is a transitional state to a fifth dimensional creation.

Holographic Magnetics

Holographic magnetics is required to complete the shift to fifth dimensional state of being. Holographic magnetics is beyond the conscious understanding of our channel, therefore he does not have the awareness that could provide a meaningful understanding for himself or the reader. However, the clue to holographic magnetics is contained in the Language of One Tone, see the diagram below

As can be seen holographic magnetics is a vastly more complex movement of magnetic energy than balanced magnetics, and is best presented by those who have achieved mastery to a level that can express it in terms that can be understood.

Earth is moving out of a state of separation into a state of balance. Fracturing and separation is at the cause of much of creations problems. This is never more evident than in the human condition in the separation of the physical and non physical which we would now like to discuss.

Everything in creation vibrates, as vibration increases density decreases; wood will vibrate at a lower frequency than water, water vibrates a lower frequency than air, etc. As earth dropped in vibration she fractured into two distinct bands, physical and non physical. At the bottom end of the physical frequency spectrum are the "solid" objects such as wood, earth, flesh etc, at the top end of the spectrum are the subatomic etheric vibrations of chi, kundalini and the tones of creation, etc. The non physical vibrations are just that, they vibrate beyond most peoples physical and consciousness awareness. The light body resonates at a non physical vibration, and there are few that are able to perceive the structure or movement of energy in the light body, however, it can generally be said that it replicates the physical.

As earth sank further in vibration there was a further separation in vibration into what could loosely be called the subtle etheric/energetic vibrational consciousness, and the gross physical form vibrational and consciousness. These states of awareness are often called the sub conscious and conscious respectively. Most people are unable to feel, sense or see the etheric vibrations unless they intend to do so, and by undertaking meditation and practices that raise the vibration of the form to resonate with the etheric energies. As the vibration of the form increases the etheric energies become part of ones physical conscious awareness, and therefore can only be considered a physical aspects of this creation.

It was the separation of the physical and energetic consciousness that allowed the dark to manipulate the subtle energies and create etheric realities and dreamtime planes such as the astral. The false Gods were able to create these dream time realities by combusting humans and confiscating grid work, chi, kundalini and other moving energy systems. These dreamtime planes were considered to be heaven, paradise, shambala etc by the followers, who were eager to join their Gods in paradise. As the planes were etheric the earth bound followers were able to commune with their God and departed ancestors for comfort and support. A method was developed whereby the followers could visit or travel in the astral planes during dream time or altered states of conscious. This was done by detaching or inverting the etheric body from the form, allowing conscious and sub conscious connection to what appeared to be the dream time and the Gods. Inverting of the etheric body also provided a means by which the false gods could tap into the earth bound humans to remove or replace anything they wished such as grid work, knowledge, records, moving energy systems etc. Many of the false gods and their dream time planes have been removed by earth, however, there are some still remaining though these are predominately layered over areas of very dense energy such as cities, and temples that honour these gods.

There are also dream time planes that are constructed by earth for the stepping down into physicality of earths dream. However, these dream time planes are located in the non physical and can only be accessed through the healing temples via the light body during dreamtime. Notwithstanding, one may find that they need to visit the false god dreamtime planes to clear karma or to recover something lost or taken. If this is so then we recommend that before falling asleep that one intend that etheric/energetic body remains attached to the physical, and that the Light Body be responsible for visiting these planes through the healing temples. We further recommend that one intend to keep the energy body attached to the physical at all times, and that ones physical and energetic ascension be in harmony with each other without any separation in vibration. This will allow for a more complete ascension as one will be aware that the etheric has been detached or removed because the form will go into pain as the etheric is ripped away.


Earth is moving into a state of balanced magnetics, it is in this state that electrical energy will be unable to be produced, the underlying thought form of holographic magnetics will form the foundation for ascension. Electrical energy is a manifestation of polarised though form in a fractured magnetic creation. We would like to say that no creation is electrical by design, but became so as a result of fracturing or separation. This provides and opportunity for all of creation to ascend into a magnetic holographic state of being of unity and completeness, let us make it so HO! Though our channel does not have the scientific or technical knowledge to apply these principles in creating an alternative magnetic energy source for humanity, in the future there will be those who do have. The purpose of this message is to bring to consciousness the true structure of the atom as a magnetic principle that will allow humanity to consider that an alternative viewpoint exists, and that electrical energy is not necessary to survive.

We hope this information has been useful in support of your ascension. Call upon us, particularly before falling to sleep, if you need assistance in creating a balanced magnetic field.

The Ancestors

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2006: See Magnetricity also by Ken.

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