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About not Wanting to Accept a Man-made Crop Circle

  Random Thoughts - October 2007

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This page deals with a Language of One symbol, no 52, that is probably man-made. It describes some backgrounds of the symbol according to the SSOA, my own admiration of the symbol and how I was forced to deal with the likelihood that this crop circle was actually man-made for commercial purposes.

(Picture taken by Lucy Pringle). On the page Crop Circle Interpretations 51-56 we can see this 52nd Language of One symbol, called the Algorithm of Transmutation. If you read the text next to it you might get an idea why I especially liked this particular symbol, here's an excerpt:

"...The algorithm for transmutation allows all foreign energy flow that is angular or box shaped and not round in nature to be transmuted into a new magnetism that is spherical. This is transmutation in action, and as all that is angular ceases to exist in all thought-form of the entire holographic consensus upon earth, war, disease, abuse and starvation shall cease in the human dream..."
For those who have been visiting this web site longer than yesterday know that one of the key differences between the SSOA-perspective and the perspective of this site is that I am exploring the possibility to transmute electrical or fragmented magnetic thought-forms into balanced magnetic thought-form. The SSOA holds the idea that electrical thought-form and D.N.A. should be returned to an 'electrical creation' and we doubt the existence of any creation that would carry an electrical/angular signature in the first place. Instead of removing electrical thought-form we try to focus on the possibility of transmutation.

So, I was truly amazed when I read the text next to symbol 52. Would even Mila's Tao have provided symbols that allow for this transmutation to occur? No returning back to its origin, but transmutation to a 'new' magnetism. Wonderful. Would our paths grow together after all these years!?

I was so thrilled with this crop circle representing the key from 'electricity' to 'magnetism', from harmful to harmless, that I wanted to make a poster of it and hang it on the wall. The 13 kb photograph from the ascenpress-site was way too small to make it into a poster format, so I started to look for a photograph with a better quality. After some googling I was able to find a picture with a better resolution at Woodborough Hill Wheat Pattern Made for Rock Band Video.

I was rather shocked when I saw that title: a Man-made crop circle for a Rock Band? There must be something wrong, how could a Language of One symbol be man-made? It should be made either mysteriously through some unknown mechanism by our planet or the Tao, or it should be made by some unknown 'alien' presence, like the famous movie in which dancing lights seem to make a crop circle. I was determined to prove that this beautiful crop circle, the 'Algorithm of Transmutation'-symbol was not man-made. People were trying to fool people into believing that this was man-made, whereas in actuality it was not.

It is fascinating to note how this works: in order to prevent oneself from accepting the likely reality of something you move into all kinds of twists in order to hold on to my belief in symbol 52. The string of events that I was trying to 'disprove' was the following.

In a forum on the site Crop Circle Research: Scientific Research into the Unexplained, I read this thread called 'Videoshoot in a circle?'. On July 23, 2007 a member called Rae wonders if it would be possible to make a crop circle for an Australian Band called 'Gyroscope' in which they could record their new song 'Snakeskin'.

You can read about another member telling him that it would be possible and later on in the thread Rae says that he has had contact with people who are able to make/access crop circles and he believes that they are going to pull it off. Rae writes: 'There is a bit of mystical stuff within their lyrics - this idea suits the band. The GOOD news is we're all systems go! We're shooting on a farm down in Wiltshire next week!'

In the interview between Linda Moulton Howe and Tim Carson, the Co-owner of the Manor Farm at Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, England Tim Carson would have admitted that he got paid by an Australian band and that Peter Sorensen and another guy made the crop circle on August 13 around 6 P.M. The band wanted to make a reproduction of the Led Zeppelin crop circle, but the owner of the land refused, so another design was presented by the creators of the crop circle. Tim agreed with that alternative design. At August 14, 2007 the band were having their filming day, but it was rainy and only after the rain did they start filming inside their crop circle. The cherry picking machine of Tim Carson was used to allow them a shot from up above. There is also a 'making of the video'-available on youtube.

If you read another thread about this formation at Crop Circle Connector forum you can read more about these backgrounds. I personally contacted Peter Sorensen and he frankly admitted that he had made this crop circle together with a friend of his. If you look at the web site of this band you can clearly see the formation, my beautiful symbol 52!

The arguments were too compelling to disregard, so after a few days I was able to accept the reality of this into my own reality. How would I now deal with the LoL-symbols: how many would have been man-made as well? Did Mila and Oa simply sit behind their computer and look for a couple of interesting new crop circles that could be used for their Language of One section? Didn't they check if these crop circles were man-made or not? I still don't think that all crop circles are man-made (see for instance Arguments against the Hoax Theory of Crop Circles), but I had to accept this one as man-made.

Even though I had discovered this about symbol 52, I decided to order the poster anyway, because I still adore the symbolism behind this Woodborough Hill formation. It also made me wonder if it really matters if certain crop circles are man-made or not. Perhaps it is the symbolism that counts and who knows, perhaps it was our Tao that inspired the makers of the certain crop circles?

It is funny to note that it was this very formation that was man-made, because it symbolized so beautifully the key from harmfulness to harmlessness. For me it also proves that it is important to remain souvereign and even question the symbols in the Language of One section, although nowhere Mila and Oa (or the Great Central Sun for that matter) seem to say that these symbols are not man-made by definition. Perhaps it was nothing but my own assumption. I expressed my admiration to Peter Sorensen and his crop-circling making partner for the beauty of the symbol and I move on with an illusion less in my package.

October 2007

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