The Sexual Energy Flow - Part 2

The Sexual Energy Flow - Part 2

    August 2005

Diary of an Ascending Human, Exploring Ascension, Sexual Energy Flow, part 1

August 27, 2005

Since I visited Jasper's Conclave in Canada I have come to understand a lot more about my ancestry and how they lost information. As it turned out it was the sexual energy flow and how it is run, that confused not only me but many other Conclave participants as well.

On the SSOA website there is a diagram of the sexual energy flow running in a figure-8 pattern. The female flow is called receiving, the male flow giving. It was discovered long ago that the original patterning from Sirius was not a figure-8 but a triple loop patterning, so a figure-8 with an added loop on the top.

What the diagram shows is how the sexual energy flow is run by those who have lost the information in their ancestry on running the triple loop. The sexual flow then moves through the pelvis only and is managed from there. The triple loop on the other hand includes the hart, and running this flow both through the heart region as well as the pelvis makes quite a difference!

The figure-8 makes the sexual flow a more local, lower-part-of-body experience so to speak, and generally ties you into the planes of lust. If you wish to consciously remember what it feels like to seduce through a figure-8 sexual flow, just tune in to MTV and watch the girls and women dance and move their bodies. Energetically speaking, this figure 8 can be used to draw in others. What is known as chemistry or being drawn to another like a magnet has little to do with running an independent and sovereign flow that includes the heart.

This is ancestral patterning where those of Anu nature tend to incorporate another's sexual flow and feed themselves on another's life force. Those of slave nature and those who lost their information are ready to serve or forced to provide whatever it may be that the other needs. Their individual free will is overrun in the act. It is not hard to understand that this kind of energy management prevents honor or communion or the blessing of another in a sexual encounter. In fact, in most encounters one or both parties get stripped, depending on your ancestries. This includes marriages.

As soon as you retrieve your information on how to run the triple-loop sexual energy flow, you immediately bump into a few new surprises. I discovered that many of my ancestors ran this flow backwards. So instead of running a receiving flow as a female, they ran a male flow; and male ancestors ran female flow. I learned that they were manipulated into inversion of this flow, so that spells could be laid in.

Men and women on earth, our ancestors, were heavily manipulated through their sexual flow. They began to distrust each other, but all the while it was a third party, the parasite within or without, that was feeding off our life force. The thought form that you can "lose yourself" while engaged in love making makes perfect sense. This is a giant and ancient wound that must be healed today by us - by all men and women who are ascending.

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