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In August 2008 I noticed that Mila and Oa no longer resonated with the articles from the Great Central Sun, which was quite a surprise to me, since these articles were the ones that attracted me to their organization in the first place, back in 2003. Since they no longer publish these articles, I think the Great Central Sun deserves another platform on the web and that's why I decided to put these articles on this site.

In the past I moved along with Mila and Oa's tendency to remove older articles, but I think they are deleting far too many articles these days. On top of that they do not seem to be consistent, as I noted that in August 2008 they added a pdf-book by the Dolphins and Whales from the same period as the Great Central Sun transmissions (2001-2004).

More about the background for considering certain articles obsolete can be found at Obsolete Articles and on the site at Transmissions.

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