A Bunch of Melchizedeks

A Bunch of Melchizedeks

    January 2007

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In december 2006 I opened up some space for the exploration of the Freedom Teachings by Ashayana Deane, which is done by Monique. A few pages have been written (see above) and I received an interesting email about what the name 'Melchizedek' aroused. Indeed, Melchizedek is often mentioned in these Freedom Teachings. In a page for 'new comers' we can indeed read about the 'Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order' (Freedom Teachings).

As someone who was impressed by the SSOA-paradigm (and still is, although increasingly critical) I was not thrilled to read about Monique's adventures into the FT-material, which openly talks about Melchizedek. Anyone familiar with the SSOA-paradigm will realize that Melchizedek was mentioned as one of the false gods leading humanity astray (perhaps take a look at Sananda and Co.).

Donna expressed this SSOA-based anti-Melchizedek sentiment clearly in a december 2006 email:

Hi, I did a search on the internet about this Freedom Teaching thing, As soon as I saw the name Melchizedek Order associated with these teachings, I closed the website. According to the SSOA transmissions The Melchiezedek Order is a Dark False God that participated in blowing up the Twin Towers in New York City along with Dark Lord Sananda back on 9/11/01.

Obviously they don't want us to ascend and want us dead. Do you really want to be reading materials written by this Dark Energy that is only programmed to destroy creations ? Everytime I come across such names in finding material on the internet, I close the website and move on. Aren't they all serpents disguised as beings of light ? Remember reading that stuff in the SSOA transmissions ?

So, even though I haven't read much of the FT-material yet, I thought there might be something about this use of Melchizedek that we aren't familiar with. I asked Monique about it and she answered:

This may be a good time to explain what the FT say on the name Melchizedek.

Thoth had agreed to spread the FT in the days of Atlantis. In every time period in our history 3 people are trained and educated in a "Emerald order Melchizedek Cloister" to read/speak the density 4 Anuhazi language, the language in which the Maharata texts were written. (Maharata means: from dimensions 10-11-12). The contents of the texts need not be handed down the dimensions if a small group of contemporary speakers can translate the texts directly from the holographic plates- in our days, into English. So what Ashayana and 2 others are doing today, Thoth agreed to do in his day, when Atlantis was still in Tara, or density 2 Earth.

Density 1 is the slowest time cycle, density 5 is the fastest. So if you contact your soul in density 2 from your incarnational perspective in density 1, you contact a "future self". It all happens in the now, but our consciousness here is the "past" of the higher densities.

Thoth defected from his agreements and joined the Fallen Angelic or Dark agenda. The teachings were distorted and Thoth translated small portions of the Maharata texts into his "Emerald tablets". He presented these tablets to "then corrupt Annu-Melchizedek Priesthood of Atlantis which culminated in the final destruction of the Atlantian Islands in 9558 BC and subsequenct chaos of human evolution." Tara fell in vibration/digressed in time.

The name Melchizedek is not about a person or a god. Anuhazi is a language of consciousness that remembers how to sing reality into manifestation. The singular Blue Flame of consciousness, involved in the creation of our time matrix, translated into audible sound as it entered this matrix: Ra. So Ra is also not a person or god but an audible sound translation of consciousness. On this level in our time matrix it translates into Mel - kiz' - e - dek; Melchizedek is the verbal translation of a tonal vibration, of the vibrational pattern of a collective of consciousness that down the dimensions eventually manifested/seeded hominid forms.

So when a dark collective hijacks and abuses the name Melchizedek this is like an invading parasite that claims to own the entire rainbow of colors that lights our days. It is ridiculous. And when you have the intention to run and hide every time you hear the name Melchizdek, you are literally running away from your own family tree of consciousness. You have been inspired with fear for the very tones of creation that sang you into existence; vibrations that will embrace you on your way back home.

SSOA exposes false Melchizedek teachings and tells you never to trust the name again. SSOA exposes false Merkaba teachings and tells you never to get involved with Merkaba information again. You do not get information on how to develop your energy sensing and discern the vibrations for yourself, so you can read the energy signatures behind the name when it is used. All you have to go on is a name. But your field retracts as you deny and throw away your own ascension keys.

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