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October 2009:
On Feelings of Fatigue (Topics, M.)

June 2009:
Visual Dream Tags (Random) - Buddha's False Ascension (Topics)
March 2009:
Prostate Power
November 2008:
You are Always on My Mind (Random)
July 2008:
Relationship as an Outside Mirror (Topics) - The Intent to Harmlessly Connect (Random) - Interpersonal Clearing Guide (Topics, Ophelia/Gibbon) - Love and Curses (Topics , Ted/Gibbon) - Curse Removal from Love Meme (Exploring)
June 2008:
Give a Demon a Laugh (Random/Desteni)
April 2008:
Seeing Thoughts (Random) - Trying to See People (Turtle 49)
January 2008:
Interpersonal Explorations (Exploring) - Dispassionate Observational Mode (Topics, Charles) - Integrating the Dreamtime Body (Random/Desteni)
December 2007:
Cacophony of Thoughts (Turtle 46) - Separation and Oneness (Desteni) - Too Many Creators and Divine Dilution (Random/Desteni)
October 2007:
Providing New Examples (Exploring) - a 52 Story (Random) - No Longer Free of Obligations (Turtle 45) - The Living Word (Desteni) - Demonic Practices (Desteni) - No Disdain for Emotions (Random)
September 2007:
Falling in Mechanized Love (Random) - False Gods Once Again (Iris in Desteni Section) - Is the Desteni Portal Being Fooled? (Desteni) - A Celestial Error (Monique) - Are we Co-Creating Together or Not? (Turtle 44) - Contacting Lower Vibrational Bands? (Desteni) - Which History Shall I Wear? (Exploring/Desteni) - Different Minds (Topics, Sarah) - Study Everything Before Drawing Conclusions (Desteni Section) - On Lineages and Blood Transfusion (Desteni Section) - Hit the Mind Once Again (Desteni Section)
July 2007:
Silica Matters (Random) - The 'Hunt for Sex' Thought-Complex (Random) - Evil 'S' (topics, Kyle) - Mediapulation (Exploring)
June 2007:
Confusion Idealization (Turtle 43) - Reality Instability (Random) - More Struggle in the Beginning (Topics, Andrew/Gibbon) - Restructuring Society (Exploring) - A Bad Rap Doesn't Make a Bad Wrapper (Topics, Larry) - Information Avalanche (Random)
April 2007:
Fat and Lazy (Topics) - Dreamtime Fitness (Turtle 41) - Holographic Genetics (Exploring) - Thinking Unwanted Thoughts (Random)
January 2007:
To Worship Attractive Women (Random) - Knowing vs Exploring (Random) - Karma Magic (Topics) - Karma Patterns (Topics, Ken) - Karma Arrogance (Topics) - Etheric Harm (Topics, Padma) - Detecting Subtle Harm (Turtle 39) - Fear of Losing a Job (Anu Slave Reflections) (Turtle 38) - Structure of Creation (Ken) - A Bunch of Melchizedeks (Topics, Monique) - Transcending and Sealing Off Anu DNA? (Turtle 37) - Dancing with Symbols - How to Get Out of Black Hole Status (Monique, part 1 , part 2) - Symbofantproject
December 2006:
Searching for Multidimensional Rules - The Songs that we Sing (Monique on FT and SSOA) - Tuning Your Heart (Topics, Larry) - Noble Realms - Pulmonary Compassion (Turtle 36)
October 2006:
Masters and Slaves (Random) - The Need for an Enemy (Lana/Ken/Gibbon, topics) - What is Good and What is Not? (Andrew, topics) - The Dark Sneaks In (topics) - Looking Back and Forward (turtle 34) - Sealing Off the Unconscious (Monique) - On Loving Thoughts (topics) - Recognizing the Automatic Pilot (turtle 33) - Thought Form Rating Scale (exploring)
November 2005:
SSoA-excerpts page on Enzymes needed to dissolve scar tissue and decay in the form at certain stages in the process.
August 2005:
Sirian Karma: What to do with it? - Birth (ancestral) Karma - Turtle 19: Chi Draining Practices - Signature Filter - Combusted Karma from the Grand Master Lineages - Making Use of Cleaner Lineages - Start of removal of articles in the old section (1998-2003) from the internet. See Obsolete Articles for more information.
July 2005:
Genetic Operating Systems - Turtle 18: Pancreas - Ingrowth Tables of Physical Changes - New Insights regarding the Elements Deal: it is probably a manipulated theory - Possible Future of the Root Races - Elements Deal between the Albyreons and the Root Races, New Articles in Monique's Ascending Human Diary, Ethical Aspects of Looking into Someone Else's Field, Aboriginal Ancestors: the History of Masobali in the exploring section. DNA Ingrowth Percentages in the Exploring section dealing with questions regarding the ingrowth of etheric DNA into the physical body. First article in the Bridging Christianity and the Ascension paradigm written by Akasha, called 'End Times and New Age'. A response to the items in that article by Gibbon at 'Why Use Son of God Concept?' Van Hard naar Hart Project
June 2005:
Addition of Turtle 13 on improving source contact and a page starting to deal with the concepts of soul, oversoul and source. A new page in the exploring section dealing with living ancestors. Four new pages in the Ascending Human Diary by Monique Spangenberg. Within the exploring section I wrote an article that deals with non-magnetic records. That article refers to the 'A Tao or Two'-idea which resulted in a 'ssoa-quotes-page' dealing with this. In line with the process to become more sovereign I have started to move pure ssoa-articles to a subdirectory. New pages will be stored there. Starting with Pharaoh Tutt and the rejuvenation through sexuality. In the Exploring Section I write about 'Creating Less Clarity or Not?'. I also started to move the Phase-I-articles (gibbon 1998-2003) to a different directory. Turtle 14: Stress Intolerance and some excerpts dealing with Energy Signatures. Turtle 15 on The Need for Feeling Busy and the Birth of Fred the Pendulum. A new article in the exploring section: Albyreon Elements? followed by a new turtle that deals with Protection against unconscious harm. A review article on Regeneration Chakra's and a turtle on Removing Books because of undesirable attachments. Addition of an article in the exploring section called 'Defusing Electrical Data'
May 2005:
New material in the turtle section (11) about dealing with genetic differences and a new page in the diary of an ascending human dealing with the concept of matrixes. More on etheric vampiring from a Great Central Sun transmission at the light bodies page dealing with silver cords and stolen light bodies. A new entry in the exploring section which deals with the question of SSOA-dependency and on the question whether it is a good idea or not to ascend on your own. A resume page on the 3000-DNA-strands-restriction. Turtle 12: Continuing the Karma Quest: Changes in Perspective.. In the exploration section I added a page on 'means of verification'. I also made a shadow-site which contains all the material from this site, except it is found on a different location, since I had troubles with the tiscali network for more than a week. A new summary page on Weight Changes.
April 2005:
Start of a section within the exploring ascension framework which tries to bridge christian and ascension perspectives. A new turtle on 'too much unconsciousness' which deals with karma and the light body in dreamtime. After I felt a slightly painful knee I decided to check if it could have anything to do with the ascension process. This led to the 'knees page'. Start of 'The ascending human diary' by a friend of mine called Monique Spangenberg. There's also a new page available on the concept of 'machinery'. Addition to Monique's diary, see: Enery Vampire. Added Turtle 10 called 'Weary of Explaining'. A response from a reader who wonders which ascension approach would be most beneficial in the responses section. Changes on the pages dealing with the Dream Egg, Machinery and The Manifestation Planes
March 2005:
Ascended Masters and Distracting Thoughtforms. A new page in the exploring-section dealing with the radio allegory and the relativity of (sovereign) truth. For the first time since I started this channeling research the index-page has been completely changed. It now consists of three links to the different sections, in which one represents the old main page. This site now consists of three main sections, being: Exploring Ascension, Study of the SSOA and Gibbon's 'old' Channeling Research Main Page. Furthermore a page on 'Accepting Christ in Your Life?' is added in the distracting thought-forms section. In the Exploration Section a page was added that discusses the idea of ascending without any conscious effort. New pages were added in the SSOA-section: Soul Infusion and Body Double on the interaction with the light body planes. A section was added to the page on the Inner Earth. The Body Double concept has led to a new page in the explorations-section: Exploring the Body Double Planes
February 2005:
Turtle 6 on Parallel Dreams and an arcticle on the concept of the Dream Egg. Removed an obsolete excerpt from the parallel lives-page. Introduction of True Spiritual Law-page and the seventh turtle on addictions. Production of the eight turtle dealing with the thought of 'Striking while the iron is hot'. A new entry has been added on the 'etheric-cords-page' dealing with a 24-hours lag in releasing etheric cords with others. Then because of a reader's response I started a page on the crucifixion thoughtform. The response can be read at 'Slowly Turning Crazy'. Start of the Exploring Ascension Section with its first topic about the number 144,000. Also we can see the birth of an Distracting-thoughtforms section. An article on 'Sovereignty and Critical Respectfulness' in the exploring section.
December 2004:
Additions in the Etheric section: Start, Cords, Karma. Page on 'obsolete articles' from the Ascension Transmissions, section I. Gradual removal of excerpts referring to these articles from 1997 and 1998. Start with the Maldek-page. Removal of obsoleteness in giza-article. Added some thoughts by Alex on a new response-page. Additions on pages Inner Earth, TV and Manifestation. A new article with the title 'Generational Ascension' and another new one on the 'times of the pharaohs'. Started personal section 'walk of a gibbon' and the 'Turtle Section'. Article on 'floating continents'

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